Three years to seven figures was my own path, and I've seen the same over and over with my Sassy Mastermind members, some now in their third year with me.

So, yes, it really is possible to break a million in three years -- if you follow something like my leveraged progression plan below.
I break this down into years, but you could also look at it as three different levels.

Year 1: Build Your Structure
It's really important to have your structure in place before you become known. Have you heard about people who got on Oprah too soon and it literally imploded their business?

That's because they didn't have their structure in place.

They didn't have lead capture systems. They didn't have a place to put people. They didn't have leveraged ways to handle the demand that came at them.

I suggest thinking of your business as a transformation highway, and the first year you want to build the onramps for people to enter that highway. You're building a structure so that you can take clients in at different levels of intimacy and investment. This approach is different from the funnel in traditional marketing where you're starting people with something small and free and then progressing them up the funnel. The transformation highway is about being able to meet people where they are.

One of the most important things to build in Year 1 is your Signature Talk, so that you will be ready to get out there in a big way, provide great content and make Irresistible Offers that inspire people to say yes on the spot.

Year 2: Get Out There
In Year 2, it's time to take the energy that you spent developing your structure and really focus it on your promotional effort.

Year 2 is about being everywhere and becoming known for your expertise, and that's exactly what happened for me and many of my clients.

Using my Signature Talk, I spoke everywhere. I created teleseminars, launched some of my core products and programs and created leveraged classes at the high-ticket level.

All of this enabled me to break seven figures in Year 3.

Year 3: Cash in on Your Mojo
Once you've developed your structure, you've been everywhere, and you've niched yourself, you're ready to cash in on the mojo you've created in your industry.

You're ready to break a million and serve people at the highest level.

I've said before that the very best way to do that is by holding a live event and then launching your own high-end mentorship or mastermind program. You may also do it with a really extraordinary virtual event.

Where Are You?
So, where are you in your leveraged progression plan? If you're working in level 2 but are missing some onramps in your transformation highway, do go back and build them.

If you want to break seven figures, you've got to have a solid foundation beneath you.

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