Three Ways To Help Your Guitar Students Make Tons Of Progress Fast

By Tom Hess

Use the following guitar teaching advice to help your students become better players faster than ever:

Tip #1. Help Your Students Understand The Benefits Of Practicing Guitar Slowly

Practicing guitar slowly is important for developing the right muscle memory to play with both hands in sync and no mistakes. When your students do this the right way, they get better more quickly and do not have to go back and correct mistakes later on since they haven’t developed bad playing habits.

Help your students learn why it is important to practice slowly (and resist the urge to play faster). Explain how this has a major impact on their playing while they are in their lesson with you. When you don't do this, students are more likely to feel unmotivated to practice at home or do not practice slowly enough.

Tip #2. Teach Based On Your Student’s Specific Personality Type

There are generally two types of students. Strong-minded students who have no problem practicing “boring” exercises and have a lot of discipline – and weak-minded students who require many small victories and constant positive reinforcement to remain enthusiastic.

Your guitar students make much faster progress and take lessons for longer when you are good at recognizing and to each students’ specific personality type.

Tip #3. Inspire Your Students To Practice Guitar Consistently In Between Lessons

Your students’ progress is very dependent on how effectively they practice at home in between lessons. It’s important to train them to practice effectively so that they make the greatest possible progress when you aren’t there to help them.

Train your students to practice guitar effectively while they are taking their lesson with you. Don't merely assume they understand how to practice on their own without guidance. Show them precisely how to practice and observe as they practice the things you showed them. Fix any mistakes they are making during the lesson so they understand how to correct mistakes when they are on their own. This increases the chances that 1.) they will practice the right way 2.) they will make as much progress as possible before coming back for the next lesson.

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