Finding ways to cut the time it takes to perform a task while maintaining accuracy in the work is a big job that hospital and medical facilities administrators typically undertake. One big improvement over decades past in medical care came with the advent of the reduction in price of electronic equipment, and thus medical digital imaging was born. One integral component that helps to improve speed, accuracy and communications capabilities is the use of a radiology PACS system.

The radiology PACS is used after the raw digital data is gathered to allow physicians and other medical technicians to view, send and receive as well as store the digital medical images. It is for this very reason that hospitals and other medical facilities that process many thousands of digital images each year often utilize a PACS as a router.

The digital data that is captured must be correct if the patient is to receive excellent patient care, and this is handled by the computed radiography imagers in place. Computed radiography systems such as the Fujifilm CR units take fast, high-resolution images that you can view in seconds after the image is taken, enabling you to take others immediately if the early ones are not of excellent quality for diagnostic purposes. Systems such as those provided by Fujifilm CR also offer an affordable option for small and mid-sized medical clinics to add digital imaging to their full range of diagnostic tools.

The PACS system enables enhanced viewing of digital medical images. Digital images from a variety of modalities can be viewed using pan and zoom features, while accurate digital measurements can be made as well. Three-dimensional digital images may also be displayed on a clinical workstation, allowing for even more information necessary for precise diagnoses.

Communications are also enhanced through the use of a PACS appliance. Digital images can be sent and received over the internet, shaving valuable time off each instance that a digital image is processed. Physicians and other authorized personnel with an administered username and password can access the system through a local-area network, wide-area network or even a virtual-private network, so that consultations can happen in a matter of seconds rather than days, and for a much lower cost than meeting in person.

A PACS, and a mini-PACS, can be scaled to suit your specific medical facilities' needs in terms of speed, accuracy and communications, and offer an affordable value.

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