In the US, when people are looking at ideal kitchens in homes as well as commercial spaces, a large number prefer those with granite countertops. They are a bold statement, attractive and they add class and elegance to a space. They also have good practical qualities that make them desirable. Long life span, easy to clean, heat and stain resistant to name just a few. For great granite countertops Toms River you need to look for an expert supplier and installer. They come in many different designs to suit any kind of look you want to achieve.

Looking at the types you can choose

There are three basic types of granite countertops, granite tile, slab granite and then modular granite. Here is a look at those three options.

Granite tile countertops

Granite tiles are more often used for flooring, at least they were in the past, but today they can also be used as a countertop material. Whereas with ceramic tiles where you have plaster or mortar to fill in the gaps, granite requires a special epoxy. This does not have mold build-up like ceramic tiles can have. Granite tiles are an inexpensive way to have granite countertops Wall, NJ.

Modular granite countertops

The middle ground when it comes to cost is modular granite countertops. They are larger than tiles but are also pre-cut, and they are thicker and larger. With these for your granite countertops Wall NJ you have a choice of having no seams, or several depending on the design. An example of modular granite use is in sinks where it can create a seamless sink covering the whole area. It is also used for things like side tables, shelving and other home furniture. It has a lifespan of more than 80 years but is half the cost of slab granite. Great for people on a budget but who really want granite in their kitchen.

Slab granite countertops

Last but certainly not least are slab granite countertops. Your granite countertops Toms River are high-end items made to be installed in one piece and usually then made to custom fit each person’s kitchen. On average a granite slab is between 4 and 6 feet deep and then between 7 and 9 feet wide. There are no seams since it is one single piece of granite. But slab costs a lot more not just for the cost of the material itself but for its installation as well. You can get a range of different types, and the more high-end buyers can choose to have something very expensive imported in.


Granite looks lovely, says a lot about a home or business owner and is everything you want from a kitchen countertop. Longer life span, resistant to damage and heat, safe to prepare food on and easy to clean. Depending on the look you want and the budget you have will impact whether you choose tile, modular or slab.


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