A Virtual Private Server is a computer that has been configured to run a specific operating system. It is also known as a virtual machine (not for tech geeks). A VPS is an alternative to the traditional dedicated server or shared server. It allows you to have your own dedicated resources and storage space without having to pay an enormous amount of money.

A VPS can be used for many purposes, such as hosting websites, running applications, or even creating your own private cloud. A VPS can be used for any type of website, while a dedicated server is usually used for websites that require more resources than what a VPS can provide.


Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a Microsoft Windows program that allows remote access to and control of another computer, is called Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Protocol.

A Windows VPS server is a type that offers the same functionality as RDP sessions but has more features.

For a reliable and simple remote access, you can buy SSD VPS servers and use RDP. It is widely used in lots of enterprises as a way of fast remote work.

Game hosting

Gaming has been a popular pastime for many people over the years. In a world where the internet is ever more accessible, online gaming is growing in popularity.

Many game servers exist, but having control over the server's conditions is key. NVMe SSD-based VPS servers make a great choice for game servers because they are flexible, scalable and independent. The VPS Server can be used for multiple users and modular games as long as it is not used for other services.

Mail server

Hosting your own email server with a VPS instead of paying for one, can save you a great deal of money. Self-hosted email servers are those that you can host on your server internally with no need for other email service providers. You can integrate it with third-party accounts if you wish. Its primary purpose is to allow you to create your own email server. If you are concerned about privacy, security and prefer accessibility, self-hosted email servers may be the best option for your situation. For your concern, thanks to our open society seeker brothers and sisters, there are many open-source email servers available on the internet. Although they require some technical knowledge to operate, you shouldn't be discouraged from hosting your own email server.

Wrap up

In this article I mentioned three use cases of a Virtual Private Server. There are plenty of other utilizations for a VPS like app testing, web hosting and more. With a high performance VPS, you can do so much more. It depends on your level of nerdiness.

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