Today I want to share some simple tips that really work to close the sale while on the call with prospects.

1. Go over a prospect’s answers to questions they filled out and returned prior to your Get-Acquainted Call.

Even though this may seem redundant, it’s really important not to bypass this step because otherwise, you’re not connecting with the prospect. And you’re not positioning yourself as the problem-solver either. As a result, the prospect might not feel heard and you can lose them.

This will help people get in touch with their challenges and from that place of discomfort they can see this is something that absolutely needs to be changed. It helps establish the gap.

2. Send prospects your information about packages, but not your pricing.

While it’s important for your prospective clients to know what type of packages and services you offer, don’t share the pricing before the actual call. Then towards the end of the get-acquainted call, go over the packages and say the price. Next, mention that they can pay in full or with installments to make it easier. Avoid leaving any dead air after you say the price – keep the conversation moving here so they don’t get overly focused on the cost.

Your goal is to answer questions and get the prospect to sign up during that first conversation. Sometimes prospects want you to send them the pricing information, but you could easily lose them this way.

3. Get the payment information before you end the call.

Even if a prospect has agreed to work with you, you could still lose them if you are sending them to an online shopping cart. Do not delay the process because between your conversation and the time they go to pay, prospects can get distracted by any number of events. The phone could ring, a spouse might talk them out of the decision or they might just plain forget and rethink things later.

Do what you can to complete the sign up all the way through payment to ensure you fully close the sale. Doing this will help you increase your close rate and keep you from losing sales.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Pay attention to each of these steps in your next few get-acquainted calls and notice what you might be missing. This is a great way to discover where to tweak your process to have more prospects become clients and improve your better closing rate.

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