The kitchen is a major room in anyone’s household. It pretty much has the most number of items than any other room in anyone’s house. There are utensils, plates, glasses, sinks, broilers, ovens, counters, cabinets, refrigerators, and a bunch of other things inside of the refrigerator. It is the room where the mother mostly spends her time because cooking is also a major house chore. It doesn’t end there because after all the cooking and the eating, the mother stays there to clean everything.

Everyone knows why we need to clean. Yes, of course! When it is something which concerns food or food handling, we always want to make sure that everything is done in the right manner. We need to make sure it is sanitary. No one in his right mind will ever want to eat something that was prepared with dirty hands and dirty cooking equipments. Aside from matters of the health, people value cleanliness because it is always nice to look at something which is aesthetically pleasant. It’s always refreshing to use your appliances which are neat-looking and clean. It’s just like using something new every time! Lastly, maintaining the cleanliness of your appliances make it last longer. Using it correctly and keeping its integrity will guarantee you more years of using it.

When cleaning the kitchen, we often overlook small appliances especially our toaster. We use it everyday but we do not see the importance of cleaning it. We do not clean it regularly like we clean our refrigerators and the other big stuff. Cleaning your toaster is not hard. It will not take time as well. We use it everyday that’s why we need to see to it that it is clean especially that we often use it to prepare our first meal of the day.

Cleaning you toaster can be done by remembering only three basic steps.

First, prepare the toaster and your cleaning location. Unplug the toaster from the outlet then place the toaster on sheets of newspaper for the crumbs not to scatter when you clean. It is better if you have a trash bin near you for you to throw the crumbs easily.

Second, clean the interior. Secure your slots by them and then put some rock crystals inside. This is used to loosen carbon particles such as dust, crumbs, and other debris inside your toaster. This will prevent rust formation. After that, throw away all the loosened particles and the crumbs from the crumb tray to the trash.

Lastly, clean the exterior by wiping it with a soft cloth or paper towel. You can soak it in the cleaning detergent that you use.

You see, it is just easy as that! It won’t take so much of your time. You will know that this is worth it when you have finally realized that your toaster lasted longer than you thought it will. Just remember those three simple things. Prepare. Interior. Exterior. Do a good job in maintaining your toaster and it will surely do a good job in serving you and your family too!

Happy toasting!

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