Wuthering heights essay is a very frequent assignment given to the students in order to build their literary skills. The stage where students usually get stuck in Wuthering heights essay is the thesis statement part, this is the reason we are giving away five thesis statement writing ideas to give a kick start to your Wuthering heights essay.

The following are the three thesis statement ideas that are based on different themes exemplified in the Wuthering heights novel; however, you can change as per you like:

First thesis statement idea:

High profile class issues in Wuthering heights:

This one is the major plot of the novel, the main lead of the play Heath Cliff was portrayed as the most class conscious person in the novel most probably because he constantly faced ups and down throughout the novel. Furthermore, as he was an orphan he went in to bigger complex and the upheaval in the arena of the life’s standard made a worsen situation for him. This is how; the writer Emily Bronte defined the materialistic values of life canvassing the life of Heath Cliff. You can take the issues of class society as the major theme of the Wuthering heights critical essays.

Second thesis statement idea:

Revenge and hatred in Wuthering Heights:

Due to the severe inferiority complex, hatred and revenge, Heath Cliff turned in to a monster that played cheap tactics to destroy the lives of Linton and Earn haw family. You can effectively take this theme as the major subject matter for Wuthering heights and if you want to make it furthermore interesting then you can inter mingle the preceding idea with this one to add spice in the essays on Wuthering heights.

Third thesis statement idea:

Despondency and pessimism in Wuthering Heights:

Heath Cliff and Catherine used to love each other but because of the low standard of Heath Cliff, Catherine turned her eyes from him. Though this is the part of the issues of social class for Heath Cliff but you can make a great Wuthering heights essay out of it. You can describe the whole scenario of how Catherine dumped him that added to his inferiority complex and hatred for the society he was living in which eventually result in great obsession for money, wealth and high pitch social standards for Heath Cliff.

Thereby, there is more you can do with your Wuthering Heights essay only if you have read the novel and understand the basic concepts. You must also keep this in mind that the above told ideas are not thesis statement rather they are the themes out of which you can create a good thesis statement for critical essays on Wuthering heights. Therefore, the main job has to be done by you. It is recommended that you go for the first idea for thesis statement that will cover every aspect of the subject matters discussed in the play. This is how, you would be able to shed light on not only the character of Heath Cliff, Catherine but Linton and Earn haw as well.

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