Globalization created a world full of opportunities and reduced perceived distances between people due to enormous improvements in the telecommunications industry. Today, companies as well as individuals can communicate with each other without the barriers of time or distance. This in turn led to the better economic development of organizations and countries. With development came the need for recruiting more talented people, leading to fierce competition.

The implementation of personality-testing has generally increased but choosing the right assessment platform seems almost as difficult as choosing a dish from a restaurant menu! Using this analogy, we know that the task of choosing a dish becomes easier if we know what we want served on our plate.

A variety of personality online assessment test is available in the market. Making the right choice becomes difficult. Hence, people end up making the wrong decisions and using these tests inappropriately only because they lack enough information.

What Are Psychometric Tests?

Among the various tools available, psychometric tests are a versatile route to reach potential aspirants. On-line psychometric assessments are carried out using structured questionnaires. Their primary aim is to discover hidden talents or reveal the negatives that people may hide during a personal interview. Psychometric assessments comprise different forms of questions, both descriptive and/or close ended. They are designed in such a way that they evaluate the mindset of an individual under strict deadlines or pressure and also assess his/her thinking ability. They also provide insight into attitude and decision-making skills. All these can be obtained without having to personally meet the candidate.

Several organizations in the UK, UAE, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, etc have made on-line assessments compulsory to enable a candidate to cross the pool of applicants and finally secure their dream jobs.

Platform on-line tests are best suited for those candidates in remote locations. The company and the individual can communicate with each other through on-line assessment software via the Internet. This helps the company to hire fresh talent from around the world, since it is just one click away.

Steps for Choosing the Right On-line Assessment Platform

1. Select a test which meets your expectations.

This is the first, essential step to be taken while choosing the right on-line assessment platform. You have predetermined the needs and qualities required for that particular position. You should also consider questions like: Will the employee be working on short-term or long-term projects? Does the candidate need to have leadership qualities? etc. These decisions have to be consistently followed. This step is crucial as it measures different dimensions of the candidates and it guides the interviewer or the test taker to take the right decision.

2. Pin down a work-related personal assessment that can be modified.

Confirm certain important points like type of role, the responsibility needed complementary to the assigned position, traits expected in the potential employee with reference to working conditions, etc.

Based on these, modifications can be made. However, it is advisable to double check corporate terms and conditions and employment laws and the test must be conducted ethically with care taken to protect the company's privacy.

Modern on-line test software provides psychometric tests which include job-specific and standard competency referential. They also provide an option to set your own criteria for a specific post. The latter is more beneficial as it helps candidates explore themselves to the fullest and get the complete benefit of the testing process. Such tests are applicable for people with different profiles competing for various positions. You can find a perfect match by highlighting the skills required. As a safeguard, ask your best employee to take the test. With the help of these results the task of choosing the right employee with specific traits becomes simpler. You can completely rely on your decision with complete satisfaction.

3. Select a modern and scientifically-authenticated personality assessment.

This is the final step. After you have identified the required personality traits, you can measure personality according to the testing procedure. There is no good or bad personality. The test only measures the candidate's fit in for a certain position. A reliable personality assessment is one which is unbiased and validated according to the highest standards of psychometrics. It is one in which a questionnaire is designed to meet the current expectations of decision-makers worldwide.

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