Taking adequate steps to financial independence should be everybody's priority but unfortunately, some people live as if they don't agree with this opinion. Knowledge is the greatest asset anyone can acquire. I have this opinion because it would amount to nil if all you still think of in this age is to get millions before you can start a simple home-based business.

We are aware of the fact that before the advent of the internet, you have to have some substantial capital before you can set up any type of business. Even when you decide to merchandise goods that were produced by others, lots of cash and capital resources are also needed to be able to break even.

Many did these things years ago and succeeded and some are still doing it but if you don't have the capital, you stand better chances to make money today than it were ten years back.

One of the steps to financial independence is to align with the opportunities that the internet provide and kick-start your dream from there. You can easily leverage on other people's product as well through the internet and be in business in less than an hour if you know how to go about it.

All these are as results of having the unique knowledge and being able to implement them. If you have made up your mind to take your internet business serious and get the best from it, there are things you should look into right away and start making good inroads with your efforts.

The number thing you should do is to ascertain if the business model you are considering has a ready market. It isn't enough to have the best ideas without sorting out the issues of demand and supply. I want to emphasize that the internet world has the same demand and supply elements that exists in any other brick and mortar businesses.

You have to check the number of hits such product theme receives at certain given time to know if it will be worth your time in the long run. Nothing can be more frustrating than jumping into any business, be it online or offline, only to discover that there isn't any interest in the enterprise.

You can visit a free wordtracker.com to check the subject matter of the kind of business you want to engage in online. It will be a good starting point to know the viability of such venture.

The steps to financial independence through internet based business wouldn't be complete if you don't have an ebook for marketing. Assuming you are involving in information niche.

You have to make the information available in easy to download book formats and have website where your customers can easily log on and get the ebook without your personal involvement. Ensure that you have a medium to collect payment from your customers such as PayPal.

This will enable anyone that gets to your website to easily pay and download the information he or she wants immediately without the need for any shipment or further exchange of mails.

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Dan Cavalli, an Australian businessman and Author. He is an entrepreneur and expert on small-business success and has a published International selling book: ‘Blueprint for Making Millions’.

Dan specializes in the creation of businesses and building them to full potential fast. His most noted success in business was where he started his first business from zero and built it to $140 million in 18 months. He has repeated similar results over the years and he now teaches people how he builds businesses extraordinarily fast with effective sales and marketing techniques. Visit Dan's blog at http://www.startingabusinessnow.com