For most women who are above the age of 50, menopause becomes a huge determinant for their fat loss success. Other than puberty and pregnancy; menopause is the most common time where a woman will gain weight. The reason these three events usually results in weight gain for women is because there is a hormonal change.

The following is a three step strategy women over 50 can stick to reach their fat loss goals!

First of all, you should be more educated about carbohydrates. Low carbohydrates diet is actually effective, but you will have to understand that you cannot simply force your carbohydrates intake to be dangerously low suddenly; that will certainly not work. Instead, I suggest you do the following to start losing weight.

First of all, if you have always been taking a low carb diet, you should first take a meal higher in it. This one meal is meant to reset your body's hormones which balance has gotten messed up after you have been taking a low carb diet for a long period of time.

Next, you should try to cycle your carbohydrates intake. For two days following your high carbohydrates meal, you should reduce your intake drastically. For the remaining days of the week, you can take slightly more carbs compared to the prior two days. When you do this, you actually prevent your fat loss hormones from dropping; helping your body to maintain a fat burning state.

Third of all, you should definitely exercise the appropriate way for your goal. The day right after the one which you take more carbs is the ideal day to make use of resistance training. You can either make use of weight lifting or body weight circuit exercises; both are perfectly fine for fat loss purposes. By doing this, your stored carbohydrates in your muscles will be used up, preventing the accumulation of fats.

Also, you may want to consider adding in an extra training day early in the week or you can perform light aerobic exercise for the rest of the week. Nearing the end of the week, you should see some visible results on the weighing scale. If you have not quite achieved your short term goal, keep repeating this strategy for the following weeks.

Fat loss is always easy and possible if you simply know the trick behind how your body works. The hardest part is finding out how.

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