Faith, or having complete and unshakable confidence things will turn out okay, is a powerful spiritual practice. Along with gratitude, faith helps you make the most of your fate.

Typically, those on the path to self-actualization experience three stages of faith.

The first stage of faith involves realizing what it is and that it’s worthy of your focus. In the second stage, you know what it is, you understand the power of it, yet it’s a regular challenge to maintain it. The third stage is possessing faith so strong, it chases away anxiety and fear. While you may live in the third stage occasionally or even a lot of the time, it’s rare to constantly exist in this stage.

You can be sure you’re not alone if you’re usually camped in the second stage. For most people, it takes a lot of practice to spend most of your waking hours in the third stage.

Below we list seven ways to expedite your transition into a more permanent everyday third stage of faith:

1. Meditate daily. Even if you only do it for ten minutes a day, it helps you separate from the fears of your subconscious mind. You can’t shut down the thoughts of your subconscious, but you can gain peace and detach from the mind through meditation.

2. Simplify your life. The less clutter and useless activity you have in your life, the more you can focus on important things, such as your loved ones and goals.

3. Practice daily affirmations, such as “I always have enough.” Write them down and post them where you’ll see them, or create a daily reminder alert on your phone.

4. Avoid excess sugar, processed foods and oils, and other junk. You’ll be amazed how level-headed you feel, and how much easier it is to maintain faith, when you fuel your body with healthy choices.

5. Exercise regularly. The stronger your health and vitality, the greater your energy and the easier it is to rise above the poison arrows and little demons, and keep the faith.

6. Accept what you can’t change and focus on what you can change. When you make positive changes and your desired outcome is within your predetermined path, the power of faith, “acting as if,” will help you get there.

7. Bridge your faith by focusing on the desired outcome and how it will feel upon reaching that goal. For example, think of how you’ll feel when you’ve paid your rent on time or paid off your car loan. How will you celebrate?

A person who possesses infinite faith magnifies his optimism, increases his happiness, has a greater feeling of control in his life, and deals with life’s challenges more effectively. Tremendous faith can magically transform your life, within the boundaries of personal fate.

The three stages of faith--realizing it exists, understanding the power of it and attempting to apply it to every part of your life, and finally, maintaining unwavering faith--are ultimately about developing spiritual power. Cultivate the power of faith (and gratitude) as often as you can and watch your life change for the better.

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