Are you overeating? For far too many people food are controlling their lives and like so many other addictions it can creep into your life without you being aware of it. As one of the leading causes of weight problems it is most certainly something that you need to take very seriously. Its so easy for us to lose sight of the simple fact that food is there to nourish you and to keep you alive. Food is not there to make you feel good but with so many ads being bombarded at us in and on every medium possible we cannot help but associate food to so many different things other than nutrition.

Let me ask you a stupid question: Do you ever overeat on vegetables? My guess is that your answer is probably no and that you are usually overeating on junk food. This is also one of the reasons why you are probably experiencing serious weight issues.

By simply learning to stop eating too much you can start to make some great changes in your life. With that in mind, here are 3 great tips that can help you stop overeating.

1. Mealtimes
Do you have set meal times in your life? Chances are that you are snacking all though the day and that you do not have any definite meal times. I suggest you stop the snacking. Set yourself 5 (yes, that's 5 and not 3) definite meal times. The goal is to eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day. By setting definite times you will not be tempted to just eat whenever.

2. Eating to feel good
Do you eat when you feel down? So many people believe that eating ice cream when they feel sad will pick them up. Maybe? If you consider the amount of sugar in ice cream then its no wonder it makes them feel better. This sugar rush does make you feel good - but only for a short while which is where the real problem comes in. Before you know it the feeling wears off and you need it again. Just like an addiction its the feel good factor that food can give you that is the real cause of the problem. Realize that food cannot give you feelings. Deal with the issues in your life like an adult and solve your emotional problems that way instead of using food as a band aid.

3. Good food first
As I mentioned earlier its the overeating on junk food that is the real problem. One of the most powerful ways to break the pattern is to give junk food the boot. When you start fixing your diet and introduce good food into your diet you are less likely to overeat. The nutrition you will get from fresh fruit and vegetables will leave you feeling full and you won't have that craving for more food.

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