Recently, I changed the WordPress favicon on my blog, so I wanted to take a few minutes to teach you how you can improve your favicon in three simple steps, even if you’re non-technical and don’t know a thing about coding.

Step 1: Make a WordPress Favicon For The Blog

As you can tell, a favicon is really just a fancy name for a compact, square photo that is found next to the address bar as part of your browser, so to start, you need a square graphic for the WordPress favicon. It’s critical that the graphic you start with is square because the favicon is going to wind up being 16X16 pixels and won’t look right when the dimensions aren’t equal on all sides. Does that make sense?

Begin by looking at and upload your picture by clicking “Import Image”. Once your WordPress favicon is generated, you’re going to need to download it to your computer by clicking “Download Favicon” underneath the preview area (it’s easy to miss initially, but it’s right below the image in the middle of the page).

Here’s a vital point: The filename ought to be saved as “favicon.ico”. The site automatically does that on your behalf, so as long as you don’t rename it to something random, you ought to be fine.

Step 2: Install Your WordPress Favicon On The Site By Using FTP

This might sound intimidating to a few people, but it’s actually extremely straightforward to do. If you don’t have an FTP client, you can download Filezilla or several other programs for free to accomplish this task.

Now, you’re able to connect to your WordPress site using the FTP program by inserting your name and password. Once you’re linked to the server, find the folder on the server named “public_html”. There’s minuscule chance it may be named something else, but I’ve rarely noticed it named anything else if you ask me.

Worst case, your webhost should be able to tell you how to locate your root directory if you get lost here, but keep in mind that this is really easy.

Once opening your “public_html” folder, scroll down until you find the folder that matches the domain name of your website. This is your root folder for your site as well as the folder where you’re about to transfer your new favicon. Select your new WordPress favicon on your pc, drag and drop it in the folder that matches your site name, and overwrite the existing favicon.ico file.

You should check to be sure this worked by going to “”. If you see the new image, congratulations! If not, ensure you drop the file in the correct folder or clear the cache on your browser and try another time.

You are almost done!

Step 3: Add the Shockingly Simple Favicon Plugin to WordPress

Typically, this task would entail revising your website’s header and adding some basic code, but nobody needs to do that when you can actually just use a Wordpress tool to add in the favicon instead. Amirite?

Once you install the Shockingly Simple Favicon plugin, open it up beneath the “Settings” box in your WordPress dashboard and ensure your favicon URL field is set for “” - or wherever in your server the file is situated, but this is the default and simplest way. Leave the Admin favicon box set at “default”, click save, and you’re done!

Now, as soon as your visitors see your blog, they’re gonna see your latest favicon looking them in the face and definitely will marvel at how ridiculously awesome your site is.

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