As the New Year begins in earnest, what normally occupies any right thinking person’s mind not only in this part of the world but in every race and clime is how to lead a life that is completely devoid of poverty, ignorance and wants and so the three short steps to business carefully identified in this piece of writing will go a long way in helping to achieve that objective..

There is no gainsaying the fact that right from the inception of the global economic meltdown a couple of years ago, making ends meet has not been that easy for an average family and so the need to make supplemental income is always greatly felt and this is the more reason why the only survival instinct lies with the alternative means of livelihood the most apparent one of which is going into private business.

Thank goodness, the worldwide web, the Internet rather, continues to play a very significant role in leading the process of individual survival whatever may be one’s station of life: academics, engineering, law, economics, business administration, aeronautic science and numerous other areas of human endeavor. There is no doubting the fact that, today, several billions of Dollars worth of business are transacted year in year out on the Internet and without that singular great feat that continues to impact on the human society in no small measure, one can imagine the worsening rate of poverty that would have been the lot of the human race today.

The major point of this piece as indicated earlier is how it is possible for a typical man of the street to have a considerable share of the great income and investment from the world wide web and if the three short steps proposed is strictly followed to the letter, there is no reason why one would not start to smile to the bank in the next couple of months. The only impediment that can stand on one’s way is, if after the reading the piece, the necessary action is jettisoned

1. Your preparedness:
If you truly want to be rich as this New Year unfolds, you will, in the first place, give yourself a thorough assessment of that intention no matter what your current private or social business endeavor may be. After that, put on a conscientious weighing scale your strong and weak points at tackling issues, inter-personal skills, talents, social adaptation and see how all these can be blended towards a successful freedom and venture.

2. Your likes and dislikes.
After you must have done that ponder seriously over your likes and dislikes and be quite objective in doing that since whichever you may look at it, your fate lies in that direction as a guide to the shape of what your intended business would be. There is no gainsaying the fact that if you get into a business that you do not like but because you see others making a success out of it, you will become miserable along the line and eventually fall by the way side.

3. What you like or do not like to do:
Is there something you are doing now or have done in the past that earns you some considerable good bucks whether in terms of hobby or special interest, then all you need do is to make some wide consultations with people that have succeeded in them and follow their footsteps. You should be mindful of the fact that whatever may your next area of endeavor you still need someone as a mentor to show you the right way and that abounds also in the Internet particularly through diligent search on search on the numerous search engines on the Internet.

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The author, Ade Adenekan is the Executive Director of Pan-African Reconciliation Centre in Nigeria and a leader in the third sector of the global economy. If this piece is of any appeal to you, feel free to get more at Do you know you can watch several thousands of television stations throughout the world via satellite for just a token charge, just visit for more details.