Three Reasons Why Guitarists Give Up Before Reaching Their Musical Goals

By Tom Hess

To become an excellent guitarist, you must persevere when faced with challenges. Guitarists who fail to do this, never reach their goals and usually end up feeling frustrated. Don’t become like them!

The following are three big reasons why guitar players quit before achieving their musical goals (and what you need to do in order to achieve yours):

Reason 1: They Don’t Practice Guitar Very Effectively

A lot of guitarists do not practice very effectively. This keeps them from getting great results from their time and effort. This is particularly common for guitar players who learn on their own (who have developed poor playing/practicing habits over a long time). To quickly fix this problem, find and take lessons with an experienced guitar teacher who has been proven to help his students achieve their musical goals. Working with someone like this ensures that you get the information you need to create an effective practicing schedule and practice as effectively as possible.

Reason 2: Practicing Guitar Is Boring, So They Avoid Doing It

It’s important that your guitar practice is fun and inspiring. A lot of guitar players become bored with practice over time and start looking for excuses not to do it. Here is why this happens:

*They don’t know what they should be practicing, so they find whatever they can online to work on.

*The way they practice isn’t musical and doesn’t help them integrate their skills together. For instance, many guitarists play up and down their scales for hours. This is not only boring, but it doesn’t translate into real-world guitar playing… making it almost a complete waste of time.

*They practice so many things that they become overwhelmed. This happens commonly because people just don’t know what they should be practicing. Other guitarists think that it is necessary to practice for long periods of time every day to get good (which is wrong). Practicing in this manner only leads to becoming burned out and not getting much benefit due to a lack of focus. This turns guitar practice into a chore.

When you take lessons with a guitar teacher, you find out what you should be practicing to reach your musical goals as fast as possible. After you find this teacher, then divide up your practice sessions into smaller sections of 10-15 minutes so you can stay focused throughout.

Reason 3: They Aren’t Part Of A Group Of Like-Minded Musicians

You achieve your guitar playing goals with less frustration when you are part of a group of guitarists who inspire you to get better. A group like this provides you with friendly competition, motivation and accountability for reaching your goals. Finding a community like this is truly invaluable.

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