Hypnosis is magic, it sleeps, it is dangerous, it makes you lose control of the brain ... Kevin Finel, director of the hypnosis academy, trainer and practitioner in hypnosis, answered Top Health's questions for do away with these preconceived ideas.

What are the myths about hypnosis that you face most often?

There are plenty ! Usually they all revolve around manipulation, conditioning, falling asleep and losing control of your mind. Hypnosis generates a mixture of curiosity, fascination and mistrust, while it is just a communication technique that helps a person enter a state of introspection which is very natural. A modified state of consciousness that each of us knows, like when we are absorbed by a movie in the cinema. But the fact that words have so much impact, that they can act on the body, surprises and disturbs. When you attend a hypnosis session, you only see the apparent part of this practice. The person who is hypnotized is cut off from the outside,

There is nothing magic about it, you don't stop smoking at the snap of a hypnotist's fingers, but you work in depth to understand the needs behind a certain behavior. Besides, anyone can learn in a few days to plunge another person into a state of hypnosis, the hardest part is to be able to make something interesting out of it. Since the creation of the Academy of Research and Knowledge in Ericksonian Hypnosis ( ARCHE ) in 2002, I have witnessed the evolution of mentalities concerning hypnosis. If series, like The Mentalist, help to break the myths, spectacular hypnosis, it muddies the waters.

Can a hypnosis session "go wrong"?

It may happen that a person does not let go and does not enter a hypnotic state, or that he does, but one session is not enough to find the answer to his problem. The important thing is to take your time and establish a relationship of complicity, because it is suggestion, empathy and the relationship of trust that act on our state of consciousness.

Certain learnings can condition us, like those we learned in our childhood, and can freeze our vision of the world. Hypnosis helps a person break free from it and build a greater ability to define themselves. It is the opposite of the usual myths and clichés: hypnosis deconditiones. Usually, after a session, you feel both relieved, as if freed from a weight, and tired of having worked so hard on your emotions. And we have a good night's sleep, like after playing sports.

French hospitals are increasingly using hypnosis . In what other environment can it be useful?

In large schools, for example, to stimulate creativity and "learn to learn". Hypnosis lessons are useful for students to work on conflict management, negotiations, and to better communicate with their own brain. Top athletes can also benefit from this. The results are very concrete: an optimization of performance, better stress management and an increase in self-confidence. By stimulating his subconscious, the athlete learns to exercise his body to obtain more results with less effort. Best Dietician in Delhi For example, a tennis player who finds it difficult to free himself from a bad move, because he has been repeating it over and over again for years, can improve it through hypnosis, by working against conditioning.

At the moment, I am focusing on an accelerated language learning project. A group of trainers will take up the challenge of learning a new language in a week, with the goal of fluent everyday language and around 1000 words of vocabulary. Like what, hypnosis can be applied to many areas by helping to understand and streamline the way the brain memorizes and associates information.

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