“A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it to be God.”
- Sidney Sheldon

Writing is a tricky process, especially when you have to wield your pen for hours over a lengthy piece of dissertation. But unfortunately, as soon as you enter the threshold of college, one assignment is tossed at you after another. Academic writing requires a lot of work and discipline. Harness a few aspects of your creative side before writing a college assignment.

Deadline has little mercy and your inspiration wears off after a certain period of time. But expert tips and tricks on assignment writing can make the process relatively easy for you. Here are 5 things you have to instruct yourself before you furiously begin to write.

1. Is the topic interesting enough?
Choosing a proper topic is the first challenge of your college assignment. Just as the quote mentioned in the beginning of this article indicates, the creative vacuum at the initial phase of your writing process is the most frightening one. So, fill it with proper substance. Begin by choosing a topic that interests you enough. Because writing a 15,000 words assignment needs the writer to concentrate fully on the subject matter for weeks. If you are not whole-heartedly eager to write about it, there is no point in grappling with the material.

2. Is the topic doable?
The chief criteria for writing a brilliantly structured essay is to narrow down the topic to a manageable form. Stay milestones away from a topic that is either too narrow or too broad. If the assignment topic is overly broad, a deluge of information will drown you as well as your ability to be succinct. If it is narrower than required, it may be bereft of appeal or its scope could be too limited to find material. Narrow the scope of the topic by limiting it to a set of individuals or a group, a narrower time-span or a specific place.

3. Have you set your timer yet?
Have you allotted sufficient amount of time to the major elements of your essay? If you have a packed schedule along with a hectic semester, it is extremely important that you choose a research topic that could be executed with no hassle. A project, smaller in bulk, may be preferred by your course supervisor than a project hastily done. Make a clear-cut outline first and branch out the vital elements from the main trunk of the central argument. Now set a timer before you start to fill those blank sheets. Time management for each key point of discussion is one of the important things to bear in mind before you start writing an assignment.

As soon as you are certain about these three things, and have read the assignment instructions with substantial care, you are good to go. So, roll your unkempt sleeves, shake off the lag and start writing an academic paper that will stand out.

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I'm Kevin Gomez and I regularly author articles for academic writing services. My forte is a set of education tips and tricks to troubleshoot academic essay related worries. The chief focus here is to motivate students for better grades and to craft flawless college project papers.