How to choose Puerh tea? Many tea friends lamented, "When you enter Puerh, it's deep like the sea, and the tea can't be seen from now on." Indeed, in the current Puerh tea market, the total number of Puerh tea forests of various brands, mountains, and vintages, how should we choose Puerh tea?

1. Drink good tea and don't just want to be cheap.
When I first came into contact with Puerh tea, I once wandered on ebay and saw a cake of Puerh raw tea with the original price of 180, and the event was only 19.9. At that time I was very happy to place orders. Unexpectedly, when drinking tea, I found that the tea soup was very turbid, the leaf bottom was broken and incomplete, and there was a sense of "locking throat" in the mouth.
The Puerh tea I drink now is bought directly from the tea shop of "NaturalPuerh". This is a shop founded by Allen Yu, a first-rate tea expert in the country. Mr. Yu's offline store has been doing it for 18 years. It has a good reputation and the price justice. If you want to drink good tea, you really can't be greedy for cheap. Choosing professional people and drinking professional tea is a good way to choose Puerh.

2. Not superstitious ancient tree tea.
Ancient tree tea is now the darling of the Puerh tea market. Many tea shoppers and tea shop owners like to talk about how 500 years of pure ancient tea is not easy to obtain, how pure the taste is, and how good it is for the body.
The selection of Puerh tea should not be superstitious about ancient tree tea, and it does not say how old tree tea is recognized. The old tree tea on the market is really true or false. Tea friends who are new to the tea still honestly use their senses to drink tea and choose tea. Don't be fooled by the concept of speculation.

3. Try to drink before buying.
Driven by interests, there are not a few mixed fish and dragons. As consumers, they must have the ability to identify points in order to pay less "tuition fees". Trying to drink is a more reliable method of buying tea, because a cup of tea is good or bad, and you can know it completely from trying.
A good cup of Puerh tea will not have a musty smell, nor will it be a cup of bitter water. High-quality Puerh tea tastes mellow, smooth mouth, throat, back sweet, tongue root rejuvenation, after drinking it, the whole body is physically and mentally comfortable, very comfortable, this is the fun of drinking tea.
How to choose Puerh tea? In short, one of the central points of choosing Puerh tea is "there are thousands of tea drinkers, and the fittest is appropriate". As long as you smell good, taste good, and feel comfortable after drinking, that is good tea!

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