Are you looking for personal development activities to improve brain function? Well, there are actually tons of ways to do that. Your mind is a powerful tool, so it would behoove all of us to boost its power. Stick around as I show you how you can better your mind’s power.

But first, let me give you a little background information. It is a fact that a person’s IQ may be determined by hereditary factors such as genes. However, his or her level of IQ will not stay the same. It will either go higher or lower, depending on whether he or she uses the brain. It is just like how you need to exercise if you want your muscles to grow. If you do not exercise for some time, your muscles will shrink in size. It works the same way.

Now let us move on to the personal development activities to improve brain function. The first activity you can take part in is yoga. A test was conducted in a university, where a small sample of undergraduate women were invited to take part in a short session of yoga. This involved various yoga postures such as seated, standing and floor postures. The women were also involved in deep breathing and meditating. At the end of the session, they were made to complete some cognitive tests, and the results showed significant improvements in memory, and reaction time.

Next up, you could try listening to classical music. Classical music from the likes of Handel and Bach has been known to calm the mind and send positive signals and brainwaves which will in turn cause the mind to work better. I know of parents who make their children listen to classical music while they are studying or doing their homework. These kids usually end up excelling in their course of study. The next time you find yourself having a huge pile of work which you need to complete, why not try playing some classical music to improve your cognitive ability?

The first two personal development activities that I mentioned are somewhat easier to pull off. This last activity that I will mention is more challenging. In fact it is like an exercise. Another way to improve brain function is by solving challenging puzzles. Puzzles will give you a full mental workout, because you will be stretching both the logical and the visual aspects of your mind.

I hope you have learnt something new about these three personal development activities to improve brain function. Give them a try and I believe you will be amazed by the results.

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