If you are tuning up your bike for your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS, don’t bother as you can rent one cheaper than you can take yours with you. Obviously you have decided to do something totally different and do a little sightseeing in a unique way by cycling through Spain. This is all well and good; just do a little research on the web before you jump on a plane. When contacting the tour company be sure and find out what is included. This is a good way to soak up the Spanish culture, heritage and lifestyle.

If you are fit and love the outdoors you couldn't have chosen a better way to explore Spain than from a bike. A cycling tour will give you the opportunity to explore the countryside, villages and towns on a first hand basis, not from some tour bus. When in one of those villages that time has forgot stop at one of the bars and ask the locals about their village. They will be more than happy to give you an in-depth history of the place plus a few insights you wouldn't pick up anywhere else.

When booking your tour you can pick a flat or hilly part of the country. Just choose whatever pleases you and offers all that you are interested in. Some packages offer accommodations, food and transportation to your starting point also there are some that allow you to go out on your own and spend the day exploring before you meet back up with your group. Once you have decided which tour you are going to embark on be sure and ask for an itinerary including a map of your project route. As we said earlier don't bring your bike with you; most tour companies provide one along with transport for your luggage from one hotel to the next.

If you would like to try something a little more up market, you could opt for a wine tour. The creme de la creme of wine tours is offered by a number of hotels in Madrid. These tours often include not only a tour of some of the prestigious wineries but your lodging and an amazing array of cuisine and drink. These tours are offered on a one or two week basis; just come hungry and thirsty. With an offer of meals, winery fees, lodging, transportation and entertainment all included you will be pampered as never before. This is the way to travel all you have to do is find your way to the airport and the rest is catered for. Everything is paid for up front, so there are no fees to worry about and your transportation will be there waiting for you. They will give you an itinerary in advance outlining the tour and what is expected of you.

If you are a nature lover there is another tour available while on your COSTA BLANCA HOLIDAYS which attracts a lot of people to Spain, and that is a wildlife tour. This tour affords you the opportunity to see the wildlife in its natural habitat. These tours allow you to see not only the animals but some of the most gorgeous countryside around. This beautiful countryside also includes a prolific amount of flora and fauna for you to inspect. The bird watcher is also catered for on these tours with an abundance of local and migratory birds that use Spain's coast as their breeding grounds.

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