There are three main (typical) ways you block manifestation. Learn what they are so you learn what to do about them.

BLOCK 1: The first block to manifestation is not asking for what you want at the start, or if you do ask, not asking in the correct way. Many spiritual disciplines provide versions of “Ask and you will receive,” but there’s more to this, as you’ve probably discovered, and which I’ll explain.

Okay, we get that we need to ask; but what usually happens is we think about what we want or need then jump into making a plan or take massive action, often because others expect us to or told us this is the way to act, or to appease the ego. We rush around, exhaust ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, and feel frustrated about minimal results, or the absence of them. Also, thinking something “to death” or worrying about it is NOT asking.

An old adage says, “Sharpen the ax before you go to the tree.” Ask in the right way first. Examples: “If (insert your request) is in my highest good and the highest good of all involved, I ask this to be fulfilled, and I trust that it will be. While I wait to receive results or guidance about this, I’m going to be happy and/or serene now, rather than wait to be happy or serene if or when I receive this or something even better. I am truly thankful for all that fulfills me and is fulfilled for me.” Or, “I ask that the right (clients, customers, resources, monies I need) be sent to me. While I wait for these to show up and trust that they will, or for guidance about this, I’m going to be happy and/or serene now, rather than wait to be happy or serene if or when I receive fulfillment of this request. I am truly thankful for all that fulfills me and is fulfilled for me.”

I know that many action-driven people might disagree, at first blush, with the above paragraphs. We (and they) have been taught that strategies and systems and actions are what “responsible” and “successful” people do, but we’re seldom taught how vital it is that we strengthen and trust our relationships with our Infinite Selves and Source… above all. Yet, these relationships are what are needed as our foundation, are where real inner power comes from and where highest-good fulfillments get created and put into motion in our lives. Too often, much too often, we attempt to do everything on our own, without the assistance of our Infinite Selves and Source. I’m not saying you aren’t to take action, I’m saying get aligned with your Inner Energy before you take action, so that your action is Source and Life Energy-driven, not fear-based ego-driven.

BLOCK 2: This leads to the second biggest block: Strife. Notice that “happy and/or serene” were included in the requests shared above. Strife is a really big problem when it comes to manifestation because the vibration or energy of fulfillment, the vibration or energy that allows and supports fulfillment, is serenity. There’s no way around this. Judging is strife. Anxiety is strife. Anger is strife. Stressing is strife. Anything not supportive or serene – anything not a positive vibration – is strife.

We often call what we do “striving to succeed” or, perhaps even, to survive; but we’re really “strifing,” which will never result in the full success or fulfillment we desire. Strife blocks requested manifestation fulfillment, and creates more of what you don’t want. If your ego wants to disagree with this, just consider your typical experiences and results. You can ask and ask (or plead or demand); but as long as strife instead of serenity is present, the energy of strife will push away the very results, resources, or people you wish to have in your life.

By the way, serenity doesn’t mean you’re so mellow you can’t function; it means your actions or non-actions, your words, your thoughts and feelings are centered and fueled via your connection with your Infinite Self and Source, instead of spiking out and poking people’s eyes out… energetically speaking, that is. This is the Catch-22 it’s so easy for all of us to find ourselves engaged in. This may help: Think of a sailboat. Is sailing smoother, faster, more effortless on calmer waters or on stormy seas? Effortless manifestation is a form of sailing in life, and is worth doing what’s required to know you can do this consistently; but, it is way more about first Being than Doing.

BLOCK 3: The third biggest block is doubt. Make your requests to Source free of doubt and self-doubt, free of any doubts about your self-worth and what you deserve. Source supplies freely. Source doesn’t supply you or anyone based on what’s deserved, but will honor that you believe this, until you don’t. Doubts of any kind come from the ego that’s been affected by limiting beliefs, and are contrary to the truth of Source, your Infinite Self, and how Source set up the Creative Energy to work for and with you.

Some manifestations are instant because everything is set up and ready to go – as soon as you ask and allow it. Others are not in your highest good, so never happen. And some requests require a bit of time because more than just you is involved. While you wait, occupy yourself and your mind with positive and productive thoughts and actions. Do what you need to maintain states of serenity and happiness, which are the “attractive” energies, literally and metaphysically. Do this despite what appearances are. Remind yourself of how you felt when something or something even better happened before. State, as often as you need to, throughout the day that you believe or know that Source is at work on this in ways for your highest good.

You cannot expect what you ask for to manifest fully if strife is driving your life and doubt is what you entertain. You don’t even have to believe or practice metaphysics or spirituality for this to be the truth. Life, through the creative quantum energy, responds in this way no matter what your belief system is or isn’t. The more strife and doubt you stop practicing the more serene you’ll be. Obvious, but we miss it more often than we see it. To do this requires dedication to develop your strife-free, doubt-free inner power, and to practice daily self-discipline about this, so that you shift away from ego’s insecurities that cause you to engage strife and doubt. If life or particular life areas don’t seem to be working out for you, it’s likely you’re allowing strife and doubt to clutch you in their grasp instead of you holding serenity and trust at your core.

Begin to practice looking at your blocked life areas to reveal whatever strife or doubt you may be engaging in. Ask for what you want, in the right way. It is your choice to either wear yourself out while you try to do everything yourself or to follow a path with Source as your companion that leads to more effortless manifestation and greater serenity, fulfillment, and joy.

Practice makes progress.
© Joyce Shafer

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