Is there a big difference between the sports injuries experienced by professionals and those who have just started sports? Not bad: Both professional athletes and beginners experience the three most common injuries. Which ones? You will find out by reading this article.

Tightening of the ligaments is the most common trauma experienced in the gym

It is no secret that the most common trauma experienced in a sports club is a ligament strain. This trauma often occurs due to the low elasticity of the ligaments and the ease of stretching. The ligaments connect the two bones, and they inevitably work when we exercise.

Tension in the ligaments is usually due to the fact that we do not warm up before exercise or choose the wrong type of exercise, or overestimate our physical strength.

Here's a typical situation. After the winter, the woman decided to return to the gym and beautify her body lines for three months before the summer. Without thinking of being a professional runner, she chose to run on the treadmill intensively.

After a few minutes, the woman felt a severe pain in her leg, appeared to be suffering from a ligament sprain, and swelling at the site of the injury. It is good that such a sports injury was quickly healed with topical anti-inflammatory and painkillers, and the ointment helped with the use of the RICE technique - repairing the affected area by freezing, holding and lifting.

Rupture of the meniscus of the knee joint

Rupture of the meniscus of the knee joint is a condition in which the meniscus ruptures or a part of the meniscus is completely torn. "What's that meniscus?" You probably ask. The meniscus is a c-shaped cartilage structure that is located in the knee joint between the tibia and the femur.

Both paths have two menisci, the inner and outer. They absorb shock and stabilize the joint. When the knee is under high pressure, there is a risk of a meniscus disc rupture. Basketball, tennis, or soccer sports often experience this trauma.

If you have experienced knee meniscus rupture, symptoms such as pain in the inner knee (rupture of the inner meniscus) or pain in the outer knee (rupture of the outer meniscus) may cause swelling or redness of the affected knee, or feel cracking.

Spinal and back muscle injuries

The most dangerous injuries are the spinal and back muscles. Back injuries not only can cripple a person for life but also endanger their lives.

Spinal injuries are often experienced by men who overestimate their strength at the gym and resort to lifting heavyweights.

By overestimating their physical strength, they run the risk of spinal injury and extremely dangerous spinal injury.

Unlike spinal injuries, spinal muscular sprains are not as dangerous, but they are very common in athletes. The occurrence of back pain may be the first signal that it is time to review your sports program with a professional trainer and select the right workouts for your body and make sure that you are doing the right sports.

If you have back pain, it is best to see your doctor. If you really feel that back pain is muscle pain, then an ointment will help relieve the unpleasant symptoms.


Injury Elementary

Unfortunately, no one can avoid injury, but the good news is that knowing certain things can significantly reduce the likelihood of injury.

Remember, consistency is important in sports. Particularly beginner athletes who do sports without a coach loves to perform fast and inconsistent athletic exercises. Consistent muscle training significantly reduces the likelihood of injury.

Ignorance does not prevent injury. If you think that coaching at the gym is a waste of money, then try to watch videos and consult other gym users about exercises that you do not do properly.

Especially if you exercise with weights - choosing them incorrectly can lead to problems for life. Don't believe it? Ask those who have done the Death Train exercise? Weights are very important for this exercise if they are too big as you will see back pain and other back problems.

However, if you happen to have an injury that is painful, then take NSAIDs. They can be used externally (gels, ointments) or inwardly, for example, as Dolmen pain medication. This medicinal product, containing the active substance dexketoprofen trometamol, is effective in relieving pain and inflammation.

Whenever you go to the gym, remember that it is much more important for the gym to work out in the head - doing the exercises properly and safely than the muscles will reduce the likelihood of injuries. Exercise wisely!

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