Metal roofs are one of the strongest roofing materials out there. They are durable, energy-efficient and long-lasting, but all of this won't matter if they are installed improperly.

Installing metal roofs is a tricky business and should always be done by a professional to ensure one maximizes the advantages of their new roofing investment. If the installation of these metal roofs is not done right, it can lead to distress, headaches, and disasters for the residents and building owners soon afterward.
However, even after knowing all this, many people still choose to ignore how big of a problem it is, and for this reason, today, we share some of the risks in detail that one may encounter when their metal roof is not installed correctly.

Poor Ventilation

Ventilation is an essential aspect of making your house energy-efficient. It allows the entire roof structure to 'breathe' and lets in the fresh air while getting rid of the old and musty and humid one. It keeps the whole building and the structure from going brittle in winters and collecting too much moisture during the summers.

Unfortunately, many contractors fail to address this.
When roofs are poorly installed either directly or over the top of an existing roof, the poor ventilation quickly corrodes the metal components, including the shingles. This causes rust, pest infestation, thermal shocks, and much more. Inadequate ventilation also leads to inefficiency of the home's heating and air conditioning systems.

Therefore, whether you are considering a metal shingle or standing seam metal roof for your house, make sure you discuss this point for your contractors. You can hire a trusted commercial or industrial roofer like Stahl Roof Systems to guide you on how you can have proper ventilation or an unimpaired roof system that will prevent structural damage to your house.

No Snow Retention

Although the days are still hot and humid and going to be like this till the end of August, soon enough, we'll be heading towards Canada's snow season. An improperly installed metal roof, without snow retention properties, is an issue that many Canadian building owners would not want to get involved in.

Because a residential metal roof sheds snow so quickly and easily, there’s a high chance that sliding-off could damage the owner's lawn, hardscaping, or vehicles. To prevent snow from creating a small landslide, many building owners choose to install snow retention guards on their metal roofs.

However, if the snow retention system is improperly installed, it will only take seconds before the whole ice mass can come sliding off. This small avalanche can damage anything that is in its way and can cause potential injury and damage to the residents. For this reason, make sure your commercial and residential metal roofing contractors are fully equipped and trained to handle the task.

Improper Fastening

Lastly, an improperly installed roof is a significant security risk and can damage the property. And the last thing you would want from your roof is to give up and just fall on the ground after a massive storm or even high-speed wind.

Although metal roofs are naturally very strong, firm, and long-lasting, complications can arise due to poor installation, which can reduce its ability to shelter you from adverse weather patterns.

When the roof's elements are inadequately fastened, the results can be disastrous. Many owners think that if they have a standing seam roof installed, they are safe from such unfortunate events. But the reality is unless the roof was installed and reinforced adequately with a significantly tighter fastening pattern, the entire shelter could be blown off the structure, resulting in some pretty severe consequences.

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