Women have probably heard this phrase many times in their lives: “If you really love me, you’d....” fill in the blank. Most of the time those comments are referring to the guy wanting her to prove her love by having sex with him, but today I want to hit on THREE ways women can put out that will satisfy her man and keep him coming back for more!

As a Guy Spy into the Male Mind I have the unique opportunity to impart male desires from a big brother type perspective specifically to help women understand how men think. It is impossible to create a desire for you in the heart of a man if you believe he thinks like your girlfriends do.
For example, women usually want to be heard and assured. They want to talk and then be comforted. Men want to be accepted and respected. They long to be appreciated for who they are and what they do. There in lie the keys.

1. Before a woman puts out she needs to take off nagging and complaining. If you were to take a survey on the number one thing men hate about women, it’s the nagging. When a woman indulges in such language she places herself in a very unattractive light and morphs into a deep dark hole that can never be filled. This only reminds him of all his short comings. It’s in him to make you happy but when the nagging commences it communicates to him that he has failed. Instead of motivating him this causes him to withdraw.

2. Accept him. Remind him that you recognize and appreciate the features that make him who he is; whether he is a man of trustworthiness, diligence or creativity, be sure to tell him. Men want to know they are satisfying their woman. So find various ways to communicate to him that he is an amazing kisser, lover, provider. He longs to be appreciated by you and when you are lavishing attention on his good qualities you are nourishing areas of his soul that cause him to connect with you on a deeper level.

3. Respect him for his accomplishments big and small. There is nothing more demeaning to a man to have worked hard at something and never get recognized or appreciated for his efforts. Too many times guys feel abused in the work place. The last thing they want, is to feel that same way in a relationship. Letting him know how important he is in your life will alleviate the thoughts that you are only dating him for his money, sports car or culinary outings.

It doesn’t matter what season of dating you are in, you can always use these keys to jump start the relationship. Usually if the woman is feeling disconnected from her man, she can start to apply these strategies to rejuvenate and reboot the romance level. Then you will see he won’t be the only one benefiting from your efforts.

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Jonathon Aslay
Dating and Relationship Coach Expert

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