One of the biggest pitfalls for many entrepreneurs is that they go on automatic pilot to get it all done, because there is so much to do to keep all the balls in the air. Not only do they get exhausted, but end up losing touch with the joy and passion that called them to do what they are doing in the first place. My mentor often says, “Who you are in your life is who you are in your business.” I have found that to be so true, and why it is so important to have some tools to finally shift the stuck places.

In his enlightening book, The New Earth, Eckhart Tolle talks about “Awakened Doing,” as opposed to the over-controlled doing of the ego. When we implement the countless things there are to do to create a thriving business, there is a tendency to drop below the level of conscious thought and into well-worn habits that have to do with the fear-based instincts of the primitive brain.

There are three qualities, what Tolle calls “modalities,” or energy frequencies, which are important to cultivate if we are to shift these patterns. Consciousness flows into what you do and thus into the world, through the modalities of acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm.

When they are present, these energy frequencies are then infused into what you do, and connect you and your actions to the greater awakened consciousness that is emerging on the planet at this time. You become more attractive to everyone you come into contact with, and when you craft an aligned marketing message, you have great leverage in attracting more ideal clients

When what you do does not arise out of at least one of the three modalities, there will be some form of dysfunction with it. You will most likely be creating some kind of suffering for yourself, and possibly others. What we are going for here is soul inspired action, which comes from your essence, and not your ego.


There are plenty of challenging things to do to bring your gifts to the world, and some of them you will not enjoy. You can however, do them in a spirit of acceptance, which is the first modality of awakened doing. You know you must do these things to reach your goals, and because of that, you willingly take care of administrative matters and other things that are not the favorite items on your to do list. You do what you have to do without resistance.

One of the best ways to support your capacity for acceptance is to invest in a virtual assistant and whatever other help you need, so that you have fewer items to handle that you are not good at or don’t want to do yourself.


Enjoyment is the second modality of awakened doing. When you enjoy what you are doing, you experience a sense of inner aliveness. Tolle says, “On the new earth, enjoyment will replace wanting as the motivating power behind people’s actions. “ Enjoyment taps you right into the universal collective power itself!

Joy is filled with meaning! The joy of Being is the joy of being conscious, and again, it is one of those energies that is very attractive to the people you want to work with, if you are someone who wants to help others.

It is essential that you feel joy when you do the work you are meant to do in the world. Though it appears that the joy arises from what you do, it is actually flowing into what you do and thus into the world from your soul.

What supports you in cultivating this quality is sharing what you are good at—your unique brilliance---with others, so that they benefit from the gift you give them. Remember this when you are not feeling joy in what you do.


The third modality of creative manifestation is enthusiasm, and radiates outward from those who remain true to their inner purpose, which is to awaken. By remaining true to this path, you find someday that there is actually an outer purpose that wants to be expressed through you. You begin to have a vision, or goal, of something bigger than you.

When this happens, the energy field or vibration around you and what you do changes. There arises an intensity and focus as you are pulled by that bigger vision.

Enthusiasm can turn into stress when you want to arrive at your goal more than you want to be doing what you are doing. There is a sort of tension that you must hold in place to do this work of creating a business. When you begin to lose the ability to hold this tension, and drop into stress, which is so easy to do.

The key to maintaining enthusiasm is knowing when to step back and surrender it all for a while. Take a break. Live your life. Remember that your business is not an emergency. It is you and your gifts emerging in the form of service.

Tip to help you stay on track

Write the 3 words of acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm and put them on a sticky somewhere in view where you work. Take conscious breaks during the day to check in and see if at least one of them is present. If not, take a break and press the re-set button!!! You and your business will be much better off!!

Author's Bio: 

Kathleen Hanagan is a licensed psychotherapist, ordained shamanic priestessand wisdom keeper, intuitive coach, and international speaker and workshop presenter, who helps heart-centered entrepreneurs, creatives, healers and evolutionaries get crystal clear about their message and claim their brilliance, so that they can attain their highest destiny, without betraying their hearts. With Kathleen as your guide, you will create a life of genuine prosperity which includes intimacy, health, wealth, and a sense of total alignment with your soul.

She is the creator of the Radical Radiance™ Marketing System, and the Radical Radiance™ Blueprint, which integrate deep spiritual principles into down-to-earth practices, in business and in life. Unlike other success and business coaches, Kathleen activates the power and the beauty of each person’s soul, which allows for the release of fear and doubt, and brings forth the most sacred, sexy and sovereign qualities needed for the fulfillment of their mission.

Kathleen had a thriving psychotherapy practice for 21 years, and built a 6-figure business through public speaking and word of mouth. She understands firsthand the struggle that spiritually minded people often face as they step into the world of business. If you are called to have a bigger impact in co-creating the New Economy, and assist in the planetary shift from the love of power to the power of love, contact Kathleen at Get Started.