Snorkeling is the practice of swimming just beneath the surface of water bodies, like seas or oceans, in which a person is equipped with three key pieces of Snorkeling equipment namely snorkels, dive masks and fins. It is more like a leisure activity during which a person simply cruises on the shallow surfaces of the water bodies to look at fishes or corals without perturbing the natural set up. People often confuse between the two but, there is a vast difference between Snorkeling and scuba diving. Both of them differ basically in terms of depth and gears. While the former can be carried out with snorkels, masks and fins, the latter is more complex and requires sophisticated gears like tanks, dive computers, compass etc.

However, there is one similar between the two and that is the proper acquaintance with the equipment. A snorkeler must be well acquainted with the snorkeling equipment because they help a snorkeler to observe underwater creatures for extended periods with relatively less effort.


A snorkel is a tube that is 30 cms long and measures around 1.5 to 2.5 cms in diameter. The lower end of a snorkel is generally fitted with a mouthpiece. It is made up of either rubber or plastic and is placed above the water surface for proper breathing when the snorkeler's mouth and nose are submerged into the water. It lets you breathe easily when the waves are splashing but, it can occasionally fills with water. There are different types of snorkels. Some of them come with drain valves that are designed to let a snorkeler expel water from it, while some of them come with special tips that prevent water from entering the top. Some models have quick releases that make it easier for snorkeler to put on and off. All in all, snorkel is extremely useful equipment and can even be used in scuba diving. In diving, it is extremely helpful in gas conservation especially when the cylinder feels nearly empty.

Dive Masks

Whether you're snorkeling or diving, a diving mask is a must. After all, you are submerged to visualize the underwater world. Human eyes cannot focus in water, and the masks provide air pockets so that one can see clearly underwater. Snorkelers usually wear the same dive masks that are worn by divers. They act like windows through which you can see the wonders of the underwater. All dive masks have a faceplate, a head strap and a comfortable skirt that encloses the nose. Masks are also found in a variety of shapes and styles.


Now, fins are those snorkeling equipment that are frequently overlooked but, they make a huge difference during snorkeling. It acts as efficient propulsion system and provides extra force to move through the water. They provide a larger surface area to push the water and enable swimmers to swim by using their powerful leg muscles. Fins free the hands of the swimmers, and thus, help them to move more efficiently. The fins are chiefly of two types, open heel and full foot. The open heel types are adjustable fins and are mainly used by scuba divers. These types of generally require wet suit boots. On the other hand, the full foot fins do not need the wet suit boots and They're like slippers and are exceptionally lightweight. These types of fins are best suited for snorkeling.

The best snorkel gears make snorkeling more pleasant. So know, understand and then, select the best equipment for a spectacular underwater experience.

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