Many business owners realize by now that they need a good website to attract customers, whether a bricks and mortar store, or an online store, a website is now a given. However, many business owners still do not understand how important regular and unique keyword rich content is to attracting site visitors. Those site visitors will eventually attract foot traffic to your store, or buyers online if you sell your services or product online.

After you spend all that time and money creating the perfect website your website is essentially invisible unless you do something to move it up in the search engine results. The very best way to do that is to provide compelling, unique content on a regular basis. Even if you're not willing or able to write the content the content must be provided.

You can use content to attract visitors in three important ways:

1.Blog -- With a blog you can add content that informs, instructs, and inspires your visitors to do something such as buy your product or use your service. Another great thing about a blog is that they are interactive. Your visitors can make comments, ask questions, and participate in the discussion. Participation is an excellent way to engage your visitors so that they develop trust in you. Blogs are easy to write, and should only take you a few minutes a day. Blogs should be more friendly and conversational than professional articles. You can also outsource blog writing to a ghostwriter or invite others within your area of expertise to submit their blogs on your site.

2.Article Directory -- The article directory should include articles relevant to the website's niche. The articles can be by you, or used with permission by others who write within your niche, or you can purchase articles from writers for a small fee. There are also writers that you can hire at reasonable rates to ghost write articles on any niche that you want. The ghostwritten articles will have your byline, and can help establish you as an expert in your field. This can be better than letting others submit writing to your directory because you want to limit, as much as possible, providing links that send visitors out of your website.

3.Article Marketing -- Article marketing is a great way to get what is called "back-links" to your website. These are one way links that lead visitors to your website once they read your article. This link will be located in your authors bio. You've probably seen articles just like this during your They also lead the search engines to your website and the more back-links that you have on your website the higher your site will rank for the search engines.

All website owners should incorporate blogs, articles and article marketing into their online marketing campaign before ever spending money on any other type of marketing such as pay per click. No matter how you cut it, content is still king.

Author's Bio: 

Stephanie is an online marketing consultant,a ghost writer, wife and mother of four beautiful daughters. She lives, loves and laughs in beautiful Huntsville, Alabama, The "Rocket City".