In this article, we will explore three essential leadership qualities that boost morale among followers. Every leader must learn what being a leader means. These qualities are important to every leader. They are important to any follower. They are a must.


Those leaders who are standoffish, distant, and unapproachable quickly find discontent in the ranks of his or her followers. A good leader always has time for his followers. Remember, without them, you would not be a leader.

A good leader always has an ear for the problems and issues of his followers. Even military commanders will tell you that morale is essential to the overall performance of his troops. Being approachable is a gigantic morale booster. It is always hard to follow someone who does not have time for you.

Make time to become a part of the lives of your followers. Get to know their dreams, ambitions, problems, and heartaches. Many times you won’t even have to do anything, but just knowing that you are interested goes a long way to boost morale.

I pastor a church and my church members know that they can call me any time, day or night. If I cannot talk right then, I always try to find a way to get in touch with them as soon as possible. This truth is universal to all leaders. If your followers cannot approach you, they will begin to grumble and complain. It won’t be long before performance drops and infighting begins.


People follow you because you are going somewhere they want to go. But if only you can get there, if you hold them at a distance from it, if you refuse to allow anyone else to benefit from your vision, you will incite a riot within your followers.

If your leadership brings wealth to you or your company, you will need to share that wealth with those that helped get you there. If your leadership gives you influence, then allow those that helped you gain that influence share in that influence. Reward loyal followers!

What are the benefits from following your leadership? What does a follower get out of following you? Why should they follow you?

Answer these questions wisely. If followers benefit from following you, they will continue to follow you.


There is nothing more discouraging than feeling inadequate and useless. People will jump ship when they feel that they lack the ability, talent, skills, or knowledge to follow you to your vision.

A good leader will empower his followers to follow. He will provide proper training, encouragement, support, and opportunity. Without these, a follower will not feel they can follow and morale will suffer. Teach a follower how to succeed and his confidence, zeal, and dedication will rise to the occasion.

Do not simply look for someone who already possesses what you want. Many of those will only follow you until something better comes along. But empower someone to follow you and they will follow you because you helped them succeed. Their loyalty will be to you.

Empowering your followers is always good for morale.

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