So you’re standing at the counter in the grocery store, there’s no one else in line and there’s a really cute girl at the counter.

What do you say to start a conversation?

Just saying hi usually doesn’t lead anywhere, and if you make it too obvious it’ll be embarrassing if you get rejected.

When you can start conversations the right way you can get the girl interested in talking to you and you’ll be able to get her phone number.

I’m going to provide you three “Ice Breakers” to start a conversation with a woman.

The first one is if you’re at a store or cafe and you have time to chat up with the cute girl.

Walk up to the counter if you’re ordering something and just casually say “They have you trapped here on a sunny day?”

Just make sure it’s a nice day otherwise your ice breaker doesn’t make sense.

More than likely if it’s a nice day and she’s at work she probably doesn’t want to be there. So when you say something like that she’ll usually open up and start talking.

As you’re making your purchase..

Follow up with some plans you have with your friends, something cool like going to the beach and then suggest to her that she should check it out with her friends around this time of the year because they have “bands playing, or volleyball tournaments” anything relevant.

But make sure not to suggest it in a way where you’re inviting her. Unless you’re good at approaching women this will backfire.

And from that you have a mini conversation going.

If this is a place you visit often next time you see her she’s more open to chatting with you. Now you can invite her to hang out with you or ask for her number.

Here’s the second Ice Breaker.

If you’re at a club and it’s early, more than likely people aren’t dancing yet – because they haven’t started drinking. Sometimes you’ll even see the girls and guys separated. Walk up to a cute girl and say:

“Can I ask you something?”

Usually she says yes.

Ask “What’s with the guys and girls divided in this club?”

The girl will usually laugh and make some comment.

If it’s not early in the club and it’s busy instead ask the girl “Would you ever give a guy a chance if he danced like THAT?” and point to a guy who’s drunk out of his mind and is doing some funky dance moves.

That’ll get her laughing too.

Here’s a third Ice Breaker for house parties.

This one can vary depending on what the scene is. Because it’s a house party it’s a lot easier to start a conversation. If it’s a small intimate group just introduce yourself. If it’s a huge house party say “Hey, question! Do you know Jeff?” Replace the name with the person who invited you. If she says yes, ask her how they met and talk a little about Jeff...then talk about her. If she doesn’t know the person just say “Oh figured you would...anyways..I’m Chris”. House parties rarely need Ice Breakers since it’s not looked down on if you’re socializing with people.

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