Cosmetic dentistry is growing as more people become focused on not just their oral health but also the appearance of their teeth, gums and smile. It is not just something the rich are concerned with though. There are real people in need of such treatments coming from difficult situations that can benefit from having something like full mouth implants performed. Here is a look at three worthwhile groups of people that includes.

Sufferers recovering from Bulimia Nervosa

Commonly referred to as just bulimia, this is a serious eating disorder where sufferers use the process of binge eating and then purging to feel more in control of their lives. They often have a traumatic event or huge stress to trigger it or serious body dysmorphia. Binge eating means eating a lot of food at once and purging means usually making themselves vomit.

That act of vomiting all the time has a serious impact on a person's teeth though. The stomach acid causes loss of enamel and then rot. This affects their appearance which can just worsen the problem. Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants can help recovering bulimics regain confidence in their appearance and have teeth they can use once more by visiting their Hungerford dentist.

People recovering from serious car accidents

Another group of people that benefit from full mouth implants are those who have been in serious car accidents. Sometimes people are so seriously injured they require things like bone reconstruction, skin grafts, and dental implants. Cosmetic dentistry has an important role in fact in facial reconstruction allowing people to recover damaged teeth, have jaws repaired and so on. After having their lives seriously impacted being able to talk, eat and look how they once did is an important part of their healing process.

Drug addicts in recovery

Then there are drug addicts. A lot of illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth and crack are very bad for your teeth. When a drug addict is in recovery part of their physical recovery is a visit to a Hungerford dentist for cosmetic dentist treatments to help repair or hide the damage that has happened. A lot of abusers end up with sunken faces, gum disease, rotting teeth, stained teeth and so on. A dentist can help with reconstruction, gum grafts, dental implants and other options to help them recover something of their former healthier selves. This can be a big deal for a recovering drug addict to feel normal once more.


Dental implants are not just for people with money who worry over their appearance. They are a big procedure, your dentist will have to talk to you and it is something that can take months to achieve. But cosmetic dentistry today means you can recover something you have lost, your face, your smile, eating your favourite apple! It can change people's lives for the better and help bring them back from some nasty trauma.

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