We all get stuck at one point or another. Even the most creative, outgoing and resourceful individuals are at risk of finding themselves caught in the dangerous area known as ‘the comfort zone.’

Why do we get stuck? Frequently, we get trapped in the same line of thinking or behaving. Typically, we resort back to what has worked in the past, and we forget that with changing dynamics, it is also important to exercise stretching. And by that, I mean stretching beyond the physical aspect, more of a stretch towards trying new things, considering different opinions and realizing that as life and things change, it is wise to go along embracing and appreciating circumstances. Another reason to stay stuck is because we are afraid of moving in a different direction; we might be fearful of what could happen if things don’t go as planned or if we change it and then things don’t turn out for the better. We get scared of taking chances and a biggie: we ‘think’ that we don’t have time to do anything else.

Whether you are stuck at a personal or professional level, staying within the comfort zone works because it is what we know. We tend to revert back to that area where we feel like we know what we are doing and where we see ourselves as in control. Even once we reach ’status quo’ we prefer that versus experimenting with the ‘unknown.’

Nonetheless and after validating that all those reasons are normal and expected to some degree it is also advisable to consider that in order to produce a different outcome (a.k.a. get unstuck) you are probably going to have to try something new.
Move out of your comfort zone. 'You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.' Brian Tracy

Here are three good reasons for expanding out of that comfort zone:

1. Experience Growth- by stretching out you will find that you will reach more, every new challenge you take will bring growth along
2. Discover New Opportunities- the more doors you knock on, the more possibilities you will discover. As you stretch and grow, you will develop new strengths, will add tools to your toolkit and with those in hand, you will start to discern that there are many other avenues to pursue
3. Learn More about Yourself – every step you take will build your confidence. The more you do, the more you will realize that you can accomplish, in fact you might surprise yourself when you start taking challenges and new risks.

They all go hand in hand, but are you ready to step out and take the challenge. It is simply about agreeing to move forward to reaching and achieving more. Granted, it might be uncomfortable at first, but trust me, it will get easier as you go along. And better yet you are worth the opportunity to feel realized. It might have been a long time since you embarked in something new, but this is it. This is your time. Seize the opportunities, capture the essence of knowing that there is more out there and go for it. Stretch out and experience what’s beyond the comfort zone.
If you are stuck in the comfort zone; if you are not sure on how to move forward with your plans. If you know that there is more out there for you but are uncertain on how to go about it, Life Coaching might be for you.
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Maria Martinez is a Professional Life Coach; she works primarily with individuals seeking to identify areas in which they want to increase their level of awareness and take life to the next level. By providing support and accountability, individuals reach higher and greater goals; balance life at work and at home; and enjoy time doing things they most love. ‘Create the life you want; Start within.’

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