If you're trying again to lose weight, you need to be eating the proper foods. There are specific foods that are geared toward helping you to lose weight. It seems that the common consensus is that food is the big enemy, and so starving is the way to lose weight. This is absolutely wrong. It's not food that's bad, it's the 'types' of food we eat that cause us to gain weight. Eating right is the best way to lose weight. You ate yourself into the problem, and you can eat your way out.

These special foods that I speak of are the ones that cause our bodies to burn lots of calories when we digest them. Burning calories is the main key for losing weight. The more you burn calories, the faster your lost weight.

Our metabolic rates play very vital parts in our weight loss. If your metabolic rate is high, your rate of fat burning is high. Sadly, we get a bit older and see our metabolic rates drop considerably, which makes out efforts to lost weight all the more difficult. This is why many people who are middle age begin piling on pounds. But eating these special foods can help to boost that old metabolism and assist you with losing weight.

So here are the three special foods I've been leading up to:

Beans - You can prevent hunger and stop cravings by eating beans. They're fiber rich and really make you feel full for a long time. As we say in the South, "they hang with you". This way you aren't so tempted to snack between meals or crave so many junk foods.

Almonds - You have two type of available fats, the good ones and the bad ones. The bad fats are to be avoided at all costs. They are the main culprits in making you fat. They are the saturated fats and the hydrogenated fats. The good ones will supply the body with its essential nutrients like fatty acids. These are the ones we need to help us burn fat. Almonds are really rich in protein and fatty acids, that will help to boost your metabolic rate.

Green Tea - When you drink green tea, you're drinking a really healthy drink. Other teas aren't bad for you unless you really add lots of sugar. But green tea has a lot of good things in it. Like fat burning chemical that will enable your fat burning process to speed up. This has been well recognized lately, and you now see green tea showing up in lots of various products.

Learning just how you can lose weight can sometimes be frustrating, but with a minimal effort, sustained over time, you can do it.

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