By age 40, most people realize there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every couple has varying levels of mental, emotional, and sexual compatibility and none are perfectly matched on every level. But everyone can experience a better relationship if the pay attention to the spiritual angle.

Viewing relationships exclusively from a romantic, mundane level, idealistic notions abound because romantic love is an illusion, based on conditions and demands, instead of unconditional love.

“Love is a two-way street constantly under construction.”
Carroll Bryant

Alternatively, a spiritual relationship is based on love and acceptance of your partner on every level.

A better relationship, in a spiritual sense, is yours for the taking if you embrace the following three theories.

1. Either the universe is completely chaotic, or it’s perfectly ordered. Our findings show it’s perfectly ordered. Beyond the regular predictable seasons, tides, blossoming of flowers, and appearance of heavenly bodies in the sky, everyone has their own unique timing based on the birth time, date, and location. Your personal arrangement of timing patterns serves as a framework in your life, an invisible hand, representatively guiding you toward many of your key life circumstances.

Dramatic shifts in unique personal timing, in the extreme, can symbolically create personality changes, seemingly altering the natal, non-timing patterns that also symbolize personality.

In other words, the personality traits that seemed fixed for decades can be suddenly joined by new traits due to changes in personal collective timing. Ultimately, although our findings show people's personalities generally remain the same, latent traits can surface, such as the need for freedom and restlessness.

Call it a "mid-life crisis" if you would like, but from the moment of birth, our findings show those personality modifications were predetermined, as outlined in the numerology and astrology patterns.

For some people, dramatic shifts in collective timing may symbolize restlessness, for others the need to be alone, a need to express one's self in writing or other creative ways, an increased need for sensual gratification (e.g., sex), argumentativeness, a tendency to be domineering, or other traits. It depends on the details of the patterns.

Case in point: a married couple “grows apart,” unexplainably, after years of marital bliss. Shared interests may change, or more often, one or both lose interest in the connection (no matter what they try to “keep the flame going"), and are drawn toward other relationships.

In a spiritual relationship, both accept that distinct personal timing exists, that it can have a drastic symbolic influence on life circumstances, and growing apart does naturally happen.

Unfortunately, society still tends to view breakups as “failed relationships.” It’s interesting how a friendship, such as college pals who lose touch, isn't judged as a “failed friendship.”

Perhaps the pressure to conform to an unforgiving relationship model drives society's judgment of divorcees, or the problem is just an idealistic view that the world isn't perfect unless everyone pairs off.

2. Predetermined events and circumstances dominate everyone’s life. Besides having your own unique personal timing throughout life, you also have your own set of predestined events and circumstances that, no matter what you do, will occur.

A spiritually healthy relationship includes two people who understand that you can’t change some things, including key, fated happenings in life.

For example, Cory earns a big promotion at work, and will be moving to a city over 1000 miles away. Cory’s partner, being of a spiritual mind-set, is happy for her and views it as a wonderful opportunity for Cory. Since he is quite established in his own career and doesn't want to move, he accepts that their relationship will transform into something different.

3. The law of free will, within your predetermined framework, allows you to respond however you wish: either you reject what you can’t change, or you embrace it and accept that it offers an opportunity for spiritual growth.

In a spiritual relationship, both partners strive to respond with unconditional love and understanding, putting ego-self demands aside.

Everyone is capable of enjoying a better relationship, in a spiritual sense, by
following the advice above.

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