There is a lot of information available on how to set up jewelry displays for trade shows and most of them focus on either hiring a professional or using the same old tips and tricks that everyone in the jewelry industry is already using. Everyone takes special care with their displays and lighting, everyone has had special areas highlighting their new products, and everyone has suggested renting a high-end display. But, here are five unusual ways to set up jewelry displays for trade shows that will bring in customers and move product.
Choose a Theme
Yes, of course the jewelry already has a theme and specific customer it was designed for, but try having a themed display area for certain pieces. For example, if it’s close to the end of the school year, try an area dedicated to Prom. Select pieces of jewelry that would be perfect for the teenage girl (or boy) to wear to prom, such as earrings and necklace and maybe a tiara (if those are in your stock) or hair clips, bows, or ties. Group them together with a local high school’s color theme, and other decorations that bring the Prom to mind. Or try the same thing around graduation time and use mortar boards and tassels to decorate in your themed area.
Wear It
When looking at jewelry, the customer has to bend over to really get a good look at jewelry displayed on a table or has to view the jewelry through a glass case. Both of these are bad for business because the customer doesn’t get a good look because he or she has to bend over for so long or else there is a piece of glass obscuring the customer’s view. While some vendors have tried raising the table or setting up stands to place jewelry on, try a more personal approach. Jewelry can’t really be appreciated unless it is worn, so try having one or two models wear the jewelry to give the customer a look at how the jewelry really looks when worn.
Don’t Make Them Bend
Then, rather than asking customers to look down at tables, ask them to look at a natural eye level using small decorative boxes on the display table or tables to give display the jewelry at varying heights. Another idea is to use a dresser as a display table with the drawers partially open and small boxes in them covered with cloth with the jewelry displayed on it. It is much more natural to look at things on the top levels of a dresser than low on a table.
Really beautiful jewelry will sell itself, but first the customer has to come over and see it. With these three ideas, displaying with a theme, wearing the jewelry, and bringing the jewelry up to the eye level, customers will be more inclined to spend more time looking at the jewelry and everyone knows that more time spent equals more sales. A little effort to make the shopping experience easier on the customer will pay off in the end.

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