Taps die, chasers are the latest and the most modern way to clean the threads which were a dream for the old generation.

A tap cuts the female part of the mating pair. The tap is used to cut and form the threads and this process is called tapping. But when you use a die then the process is called threading. Both tap and die can be used in cutting the female portion, but in that case, the process is named as chasing. This process involves a serious risk and when you go through the process by the left hand, it becomes far more dangerous. But the good news is many companies are now producing left-hand threading taps which are making the job easier than before.

Screw threads are made by taps and die. Some of them are cutting tools and some are forming tools. Typically a tap cuts the female portion of the mating pair to form it and a die cuts the male part of the mating pair. But they have different process and names. When a tap cuts to form the threads, it’s called tapping and when a die cuts to form the threads, it’s called threading. These tools are usually used to clean up a thread which is named as chasing. But using a normal or low-quality tap or die to clean up a thread might result in a fatal situation. Chasers are the special taps and dies which are the best option to clean the threads. As this process itself is a risky process, left-hand thread tap requires extra sensitive care.

Left Hand Tap and Dies
Usually, the materials for chasers are soft materials. They often are not capable of cutting new and latest threads. Though the left-hand thread tap might be a bit riskier, to cut or form a thread it is the best option. They can fit perfectly like the normal taps and dies but works far better than them. the best use for these left-hand thread taps and dies are the automotive plug threads which often break down and produce a layer of carbon on them.

Latest Products
The best left hand thread tap for you would be Special Thread 3-1/4-20-5 round adjustable Die H.S. The price of this product is $444.40. the price might make you think twice about buying it, but the service of this product is long term and they guarantee that this product is the best in the market. Once you buy this thread tap, you won’t have to worry about buying another one in the long run. Some other best recommendations for thread taps are Special Thread 5/16-20-1 Round Adjustable Die, Special Thread 3/8-20-1, Special Tread 1-3/4-5-3 Round adjustable, Die, Special Thread 1-3/4-20-3 Round Adjustable die, etc.

Final Words
Thread taps are not easily available in the market. Even those are available, most of them are not up to the mark. So when you choose your thread tap, chosen carefully based on the recommendation and their service.

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