Thread lifts are also called suture lifts. In this process, surgical threads are used in the skin to keep the tissues in place. This helps the skin to tighten up and increases the volume of areas on the skin by not making them look bulging or saggy. They are technically inserted as support systems in the skin that also helps to withdraw the effect of ageing effectively. This is considered as the best technique to develop youthful contours on the skin without having to go through major surgical processes. Thread lifting is not restricted to face alone. It can be done in areas such as eyes, nose, chin, neck, tummy, thighs and buttocks wherever the skin tends to become loose and saggy.
The process is considered non-invasive and hence it is not as painful, however, there could be minor pain or bruising after the sutures are made which is only temporary.
There are no potential side effects for thread lifting treatment. However, there may be a bruising and minor pain for a day or two just after the procedure. The results on the face start to show up in 1-2 weeks of time.
The results usually last for a year or two. This again varies from person to person.

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