Oh No, not another self help ANALytical article – nah, I will never be that kind of writer. This piece of work is my platform to exercise my freedom of speech and if it touches someone in a profound way that is the proverbial icing on the cake!

I am going to tell you straight up that I am EVERY woman out there the only difference is I have embraced the concept that my THOUGHTS about the food I eat are much more dangerous for me than the actual food I consume!

This piece of work for me is my way of saying good bye forever to all the conditioned beliefs that we as women have been taught. Whether it be my ass is too big, too flat, too small or my stomach is too giggly, too puffy, too thick or my face is to round, too square, too thin, too fat…whatever you “learned” about your body I am here to tell you that you can RE-LEARN in a kinder, gentler way.

This book is for every woman who has ever opened a pair of panty hoses and thought NO WAY will these ever go on this body. Whether you were buying your panty hose in an egg, (come you 1970’s women you remember the brand that came in the egg) or from the woman, Victoria who has a secret and refuses to share it with ALL of us this book is for you… in other words age appropriate for all who seek.


The female body has been admired from the beginning of time; however criticism of the female body has never been more prevalent. Full figured women are in, svelte sickly thin women are in, curvy busty women are in; who gets to say what’s in and what exactly does IN mean. Is it the fashion magazines, Hollywood, the guys who hang on the local corner??? And, if you are not IN what does that mean? Do you hide only to come out at night?

Let’s think for a moment about jeans? Skinny jeans, low rise jeans (what were they thinking?), cropped, fitted, spandex, designer cut (yea, 4 sizes smaller than the tag implies), and let’s not forget Spanx.. From overly thin models zipping up their size 0 jeans telling us if we eat this cereal for two weeks straight we too can look like her, or how about the woman who has a really shitty day and comes home and sits crossed legged in her designer chair and tell us we need to eat this brand of cheese and all the shit storms in the world will be meaningless! I don’t know about you but, I am a REAL woman and after a load of shit storms on me I want a vodka on the rocks and BIG plate of pasta!

But, alas, the voices in my head return..I’m too chubby, my face is too round, my clothes size is 16 I shouldn’t eat pasta. Ok, back to reality..count my points, visit Jenny, eat only protein, or the ultimate level of commitment, sit patiently by the door salivating while waiting for the UPS guy to bring my pre ordered, pre cooked, pre portioned “nutritious” weeks supply of food. Even as I write this my head swirls with so many thoughts of failure. I take a moment to regroup and I say STOP IT…STOP IT RIGHT NOW! COME ON! I am so tired of my intelligence being insulted that I finally had to speak up!

The times we live in.. 100 calorie packets (gimmick? I think so), low fat, no fat, reduced this and that. And, don’t forget our over indulgent voices in or heads; voices that are relentlessly reminding us we aren’t good enough until we ________ fill in the blank ladies! You know that voice, our arch nemesis! The one that makes us want to hide, not wear a bathing suit, not want to give our presentations, not go out to dinner or be social, the voice that needs to be quieted. But, how you ask. I say only one way, by the Soul.

That’s what I said THE SOUL. For so long we have been looking for the cure all in a pill, the pill that makes us thinner, prettier, smarter, classier, well at last I have the ultimate answer, the ultimate pill…. It IS YOUR SOUL that can put to rest all the chattering inside you. Imagine that a self contained pill.. Just like the Wizard of Oz reminds us….it has always been in your own backyard! So if you are ready to explore that backyard read on!

DELICIOUSLY DOUBLE SIZED DIVA’S has absolutely nothing to do with our body size, our net worth, or our material possessions but rather with what’s at our core; our Souls. I know what some of you may be saying..yea, yea, yea, the soul.. Are you WILLING to keep an open mind? After all, has any of this other stuff really worked this far?

Can you relate to any of this; maybe it’s painful memories of prom, or lost opportunities. Are you finally ready to take back your life? Does free will and choice appeal to you? Are you sick and tired of going into your closet every morning only to emerge hating yourself? IF you answered YES to ANY of these I invite you to become a DIVA!

I invite you to join me for my FREE call to learn how YOU can become the keeper of your Soul. Learn how to develop and embrace your own intuition. Meet new friends. Feel support in a FUN and nurturing atmosphere! To register for this revolutionary and innovation approach to Self Acceptance email me at vdrake@rcn.com.

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Weaving Passion & Purpose With Vision

Veronica Drake is an International Holistic Life Coach who supports people to achieve balance and harmony in their lives. She inspires clients to explore their spiritual self. In an era when the pursuit of self-improvement often means hiring personal trainers, fad diets and therapists, as the spiritual coach – Veronica is heeding the call of people who speak of inner guidance systems and reconnecting to their heart to enable them to live balanced authentic lives

She is a gifted intuitive who speaks Soul to Soul in her readings. As a Holistic Life Coach she creates a Soul Vision with her clients she lovingly supports them to bring about clarity and focus from a Soul Perspective.

She is a professional, extremely gifted and uniquely talented intuitive who blends compassion, and humor with charisma. Creating an open and safe environment she supports her clients to reveal and release. Her gift of intuition supports people to move past obstacles and live life with Purpose and Passion.

Veronica is currently the host of Conversations for the Soul voted one of the most popular shows on Blog Talk radio. She also is currently co-hosting Let Go and Grow on Contact Talk radio. Visit her at soulexpressions.net