Quote: Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965)

"The role of the physician is to amuse the patient long enough until nature does the healing"

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In these findings, I will give my analogies, my comprehension, my studies and lifelong trials and examples to best describe why thoughts are creations. This brought me to understand how the subconscious mind or (memory bank) works and conscious decisions impacted my present world.

I have mostly learnt from cassettes, books, speakers, life coaches, mentors, CD's, Mp3's and quality programs. Metaphysics is also part of my studies and understanding of human behavior and our connection with a Higher Power in which we all have access.

A study that marked my life was the sugar pill, better known as the placebo effect. The idea of the placebo in modern times originated with H. K. Beecher. He evaluated 15 clinical trials concerned with different diseases and found that 35% of 1,082 patients were satisfactorily relieved by a placebo alone ("The Powerful Placebo," 1955).

Other studies have since calculated the placebo effect as being even greater than Beecher claimed. For a brief explanation the placebo (sugar pill) was studied by doctors while tested on patients now for approximately 50 years.

It was given to the patient with the understanding that it was real medication, to their surprise as high as 35% of the patients would find positive results and healing, just by having thought they were taking proper medication. That is POWERFUL!!!

Today studies tell us as high as 90% + of diseases are caused by dis-ease. Some will always contradict these findings, but I challenge you to do your own research and believe you can heal.

If it were between life and death would you let a survey tell you, you are going to die?

Choose well! Of course it is a bold statement, evolution is based on non-existent data, meaning some research has yet to be done, studies and cures has yet to be invented, new techniques do not exist.

Will you be the next inventor, exploring the mind and its powers or will you need documented proof to believe like a scientist. I encourage all of us to venture beyond the existing data and the unknown in which is buried inside of us.

The placebo effect is real and scientifically proven.

Now say if you had a loved one, like a child, a husband, a mom or dad ... who got results from thinking they could indeed heal just with their own thoughts ...

Would it be worth it?

This got me thinking how powerful my mind really was. Think about this, how did you come to believe anything? You came to believe, because you were in a friendship with someone, watched a program, listened to someone, who directly or indirectly gave you an opinion and from those opinions you formed beliefs which became a habit.

Consciously and unconsciously, our beliefs dominate our thought process and the feelings they bring up. The result is, thoughts and feelings become what we vibrate out to the universe, and what we vibrate, we attract.

What this means is if a person has complete faith, they can attain any goal. The distinction from one healing is using their conscious mind to give an order to the subconscious mind; this actually influences the nervous system.

Your internal organs will then be given the message to react. We know that stress can cause a heart attack, an ulcer or say headache, simply by letting your mind think negative thoughts.

The mind affects the body and in turn the body affects the mind.

No easy task to think positive all the time. Well, think again for the very first time when you became good at something, it was because you persistently practiced it many times and this repetition of diligent action made you better at the task.

The subconscious mind (your memory bank) is no different than the repeated action of typing on the computer, throwing a basketball or reading your first book. You will with time, get better at it - type faster, throw hoops easier, and read faster because you focused on it continuously.

You practiced to get better at attaining your target. Now, why would you let outsiders, “others” if you will, influence how hard it will be or how easy it will be. You’ve heard the expression, if the mind can believe, it can achieve.

If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right! Now, the unconscious mind controls the conscious mind but we also know that you are always at an advantage to control and still have influence in controlling your conscious mind and decision making.

If you can think positive as best you can and do not let negative thoughts enter your subconscious mind this will help maintain the control. On another note, because we all have a past life and many events affected us in relation to who we are today, you will have to reprogram the negative fears you have, with positive affirmation to give the subconscious mind the chance to erase bad environmental memories.

So having said this, the daily negative experiences will have to be rejected, and your past negative experiences reprogrammed. Remember, your goal is to enter good positive information, solution oriented data and practice on a daily basis to give yourself positive affirmations.

I found it best to do this in the morning and before going to bed. The subconscious mind works even while you are sleeping, all the more reason to “sleep on it”. Incantations are another way of giving your conscious and subconscious mind a positive effect because it is done with a lot of emotional feelings.

This will provoke your mind and body to change even quicker.

The three components of human influence are in percentages below:

Saying all your affirmations with ...

1) positive words: 7%

2) voice quality: 38%

3) physiology: 55% ... is “posture, gesture, movement” as you can see physiology is a great influence on your mind reacting to your energy level which in turn affects your feelings to attain results with more impact.

Your worst enemy will be the doubting - “doing anything is the transfer of human emotion” A belief is nothing more than a feeling of certainty. The most powerful tool of influence is your belief - a belief only exists because you no longer question it.

Say you want to give a client more of your services or products; you can influence them only if you truly believe that what you are giving is many times more valuable than what you are asking in return.

You must truly connect and associate with your product or service in order to provide value to your potential client. When you change the way you feel, you automatically affect your outcome … meaning, your emotional state affects your behavior. You can also say that emotions are created by motions and actions.

Theses gestures can make you sad or happy, weak, sick or healthy. Choices are endless and the choices are YOURS. The final result would be the way you feel, will attract your existing environment.

Living for the present, in the “NOW” has brought me a peaceful and clearer mind as it is less cluttered with thoughts that are unproductive and destructive. The “NOW” is about living your present moment, to not think about tomorrow or yesterday. Actually the past and future is in the “NOW” So make those decisions today and deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.

What I absolutely know 100% has been crucial to my spiritual journey and this was to stop giving others the power to decide and define who I was. It is my belief if one searches out their purpose, in life, given the right tools, you will, at the very least discover a peaceful feeling, while searching.

You must take control of your God given talents, it is not being selfish, and it is only being honest with discovering your authentic-self. Have you ever heard a little voice in your head that is crying out for you to explore life!

The best way I have found to be you is to be truthful and honest.

This is a tough one to adhere to; you will find many around you who will try to influence your decision to do what they do. Pleasing everyone around you, not to upset someone’s feelings is difficult.

Being truthful is simply being authentic towards your needs, values and core beliefs. It is not insulting the other person on purpose or demeaning them. You are simply taking your place, being yourself and finally discovering, who you are!

I hope you've enjoyed this short analogy and wish you great success!

Now you know why I have Created "Your Beautiful Mind" Mp3's!!!

To Our Potential Friendship,

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