Does your partner really "wish" to open another sweater, tie, pair of earrings, CD, DVD or bottle of perfume under your holiday tree this Christmas? Probably not! Finding special, memorable and truly loved presents is always hard: so why not think outside the holiday "box" this year and opt for giving the present of health and wellness instead?

Give the Gift of Professional Massage Treatments

There's nothing quite as excellent as lying peacefully in a quiet and serene environment, surrounded by scented candles, soft music and total relaxation. In fact, it's something you can't really put a price on! Fortunately, it doesn't have to cost a fortune to get your significant other a series of treatments at your local spa performed by a trained professional massage therapist. Here are some of the many benefits of massage therapy.

Why Massage Therapy is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

  1. Regular massage therapy treatments are effective at lowerifgng">anxiety and overall stress levels: who couldn't use a little more of that today?
  2. It has been shown to greatly improve sleep quality: if your companion tosses and turns all night long, regular treatments may help!
  3. All that wonderful kneading and rubbing enhances overall circulation and thereby helps people concentrate better and self-heal faster following injury.
  4. Studies show that bodywork treatments help reduce the effects of chronic fatigue
  5. Those who suffer from chronic lower back pain report increased range of motion as well as significant lessening of pain.
  6. It helps to improve joint resilience.
  7. A small amount of time on a massage table helps to liberate endorphins: the "feel good" hormones that elevate mood.
  8. It's one of the few pleasures in life that are not fattening!
  9. You will be giving your better half "permission" to be totally self-indulgent and enjoy being pampered. Chances are it's not a luxury they would get for themselves!
  10. Massage tables and the superb hands of a therapist are excellent (and legal!) tools that make us feel really, really good!

If you really want to see your partner's face light up this year, forego the temptation to give them the "same old, same old" and wrap up a gift certificate to your local spa instead. Your thoughtfulness at giving a gift of health and wellness will be remembered long after the lights come down and the ornaments are stored away.

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