There certainly is importance regarding modern sciences’ attainments and advancement. None can challenge its requirement and utility value. Yet one can say that we truly benefit from it only when it encourages desirable creativity. Regarding destruction sciences’ achievements have always proved to be perilous.

Today’s era is meant for all round progress. In that arena the brilliant people in the field of science lead world society. Governments of various countries have always cooperated with them. They face no problems in amassing more scientific means. Industrialists and professional businessmen are immersed in looking out for such scientific inventions so that they can mint money from it. It is hence that akin to government authorities the wealthy class too helps scientists in their research so that the former can benefit. Under such circumstances science gets a chance to march further ahead in that direction. In this manner both political rulers and capitalists gain a great deal. Weapons, material means and various industries are greatly encouraged by scientific research. Thus all have virtually reached the highest limits of progress.

After hearing the thrilling talks regarding small big wars of the past our hearts beat fast merely on a possibility of a war taking place in future. In such wars those who attack and those who support them are generally not at a loss yet human society will have to step back for all round progress. Not only this but that it will be difficult for human existence itself to survive. On cogitating over wars and its results a great destruction will set in.

Once the great revered scientists Albert Einstein was asked as to what kind of weapons will be used for a 3rd world war? He answered saying that I will not say much but what is definite is that the 4th world war will be fought with stone based weapons.

This may sound ordinary at that time but if today’s times are mulled over it becomes clear that behind Einstein’s viewpoint was serious thinking. Due to hot competition in nuclear weapons such a terrible storehouse of drastic weapons is witnessed the world over that a future world war will definitely be fought with nuclear weapons. As a result all materials will be destroyed. It is technique that will engulf all technique. The world over there will be no place for man to live peacefully because as a result of nuclear warfare technology what will remain in this world is stones and dust.

Right from the past century till the 1st world war, from the 2nd world war till today destructive weapons have multiplied phenomenally. Not only are new weapons being designed but that that older weapons are being redeveloped. Thus if a 3rd world war takes place it will be difficult to say what kind of weapons will be used.

At the end of the 2nd world war Germany had scientifically designed such a new rifle that it could fire continuously for a fair length of time. Right from then till today new rifles have been invented. Traditionally from 1 rifle one could fire only 1 bullet but in latest rifles bullets can pour down like shower of rain drops. Even these rifles are being reinvented. One is that as per our whims continuously bullets can be fired and it could be fired one after another too. It can aim its target easily either in broad daylight or a dark gloomy night too. Such rifles are being designed that in place of traditional bullets being fired, pencil type knives which have thorns in the front can be fired. In future it is also possible that in place of rifles with the help of technology firing rockets every soldier can aim small big weapons at the enemy camp. Further possibility is that soldiers will be armed with rifles that can emit laser rays. Till today such laser rifles are merely the topic of fiction literature but the harsh reality is that such weapons have already been designed secretively.

In wars cannons play a major role. In the past few years such light weight cannons have been designed that it can be moved about easily. In weapons for ground based wars war vehicles are used a lot. In the 2nd world war Germany by using these proved their special quality. Today tanks have advanced a great deal. Ordinarily since tanks are very heavy its use it not easy. Germany has designed tanks less than 40 tons in weight. In advancing it further France and Britain have marched ahead immensely. Tanks designed by these countries till today are best and less than 10 tons in weight. What is more stupendous is that previously cannon balls were placed on its surface but now these cannon balls are fitted within the tank. Thus tanks with less height are being designed.

So far we have spoken about traditional weapons used in warfare. In the past 3-4 decades progress in this arena has leaped beyond the ken of human imagination. Around the year 1950 for changes a Hover Aircraft was designed that moved speedily. This aircraft emits deafening sound and creates darkness via black smoke released by it. Many countries of the world are researching more into this vehicle of war. It is understood that recently America has unfolded a 160 Hover Craft for its navy. At one shot it can carry 400 soldiers or other materials to far off lands lying thousands of miles away.

After the 2nd world war amongst those modern weapons designed beyond the ken of our imagination is ballistic missile. Today for every nation it has become a status symbol. Not only larger countries of the world but even smaller ones like Brazil and South Africa are constructing them. After 1944 mind boggling advancement is witnessed in these types of weapons.

Many countries within their research endeavor are sending satellites to space. Specialists in these field of science opine that such satellites have been unearthed which in the name of research can throw bombs on earth as per their whims and fancies.

Today chemical warfare is talked about heatedly. Especially USA hurled the Napam bomb in Vietnam hence it became the cynosure of the eyes of the world. During the 1st world war tear gas, poisonous gas and Napam bombs were used. What is to be noted is that in this war Germany had used ballistic missiles. Thus about .05 million tons of such bombs have been thrown at many places. In the Korean War, 3000 ton and in Vietnam War .04 million ton of these bombs were used by America which terrorized the world.

Humanity knows a lot about traditional wars but due to astounding progress made by modern science, war technology unfolded by it is very much different. On the one hand science and technology has tried to make mankind happy but on the other hand such mass destruction weapons have been created by it that man perforce shall enter the jaws of death. Potent atom bombs exceeding a weight of 60 mega tons have already been designed and it is inferred that after 1982 every year more than 15000 plutonium bombs will be invented.

Canada’s physicist called Alwin has spoken about merely USA’s nuclear potency. While inferring he says that America has so much nuclear power which is akin to .1 million people seated in a gigantic hall, each possessing 3 nuclear bombs and that each bomb has the capacity to destroy so many regions comparable to the horrific bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Information for the rest of the world regions is not available but it is inferred that the entire world possesses atomic bombs that can very easily destroy the world in a matter of mini seconds. Its measure is so manifold that every person from today’s world population of 41.1 billion can be killed 50000 times. Thus what bigger taint exists regarding the human intellect that man readies to kill himself so many number of times?

Today discussions were relegated to many types of weapons technology, atomic/hydrogen bombs and missiles that are terrible in nature. Now modern science has unfolded direr weapons that use laser rays. Mankind has got light, heat, fire and vital force from solar energy right since ancient times. The sun is an infinite vault of energy. Modern science has unearthed new power from the sun. From amongst the 7 rays of different hues of the sun, laser rays have been found in red hue rays. Till today nuclear energy was thought to be most potent and highly destructive if misused. Its capacity to burn and kill appeared supreme. But today it is proved laser rays are n times more heinous and dire in comparison to nuclear and atomic explosions. The influence of radiations emitted via these explosions last for a long time period and proves horrific for all creatures and plant life. Laser rays do not emit tainted rays and hence its utility value is given due importance. Ordinarily the 7 hued rays of light are emitted as an admixture. Laser rays too are mixed in it. In order to unearth special energy from the inner core of atoms tedious scientific methods have to be used. Similarly scientific techniques are required to separate laser rays. Once they are separated from other types of rays a mind boggling miracle is witnessed. With its astonishing energy a hole can be drilled into the toughest object using a time span of 1000th part of a second. The temperature of pure rays is 6000 centigrade. Even in the hardest diamond thin holes can be drilled using laser technology. Its maximum temperature recorded is 1800 centigrade.

In the production of laser rays chiefly a red jewel is made use of. It is based on aluminum and oxygen. That machine from which laser rays are produced is a small medium measuring 4 inch thick. In it via chromium atoms light’s green or yellow color is created. Similarly using a discharge lamp in a time span of 1000th portion of a second by producing light via red light rays laser rays are generated. The thickness of rays attained till date is equivalent to 1 millionth portion of an inch. In future there is a high possibility of generating more powerful lasers.

Laser rays can be used both ways. It can be used for creative purposes or for total destruction and annihilation. Atomic energy can either be misused to build highly destructive nuclear weapons or for setting up nuclear reactors for generation of power and energy. Laser rays too can either be used or misused. In surgery and medical therapies lasers are a miraculous boon. American surgeons have succeeded in burning to ashes tumors of the delicate organ eye via laser technology within a matter of .1 millionth portion of a second. This is outstanding when previously operating a tumor within the eye proved to be very dangerous. The near future will be very bright for laser rays based technology. By using it a major portion of human labor and time can be saved. Via it telephone conversations and TV program telecast too will benefit.

In order to search for new planets in outer space there is a tradition of sending expensive rockets and satellites there. According to leading scientists via these laser rays not only the solar system but that space beyond this too can be successfully researched into. Studies in this direction are marching ahead with success. In the past few years 2 scientists called Louismilan and Jirji sent lasers to the moon which returned in a matter of 2 seconds. A lot of information thus came our way especially when travelers landed on moon via a lunar space craft. Today inventors are trying to use the mind boggling and extraordinary energy of laser rays for generating electricity.

Via wholesome use of lasers in order to create prosperity in the direction of creative tasks a lot of doubts have cropped up regarding destruction due to its misuse in comparison to hopes harbored regarding benefits from apt usage. Due to its terrific temperature of 18 thousand degrees centigrade every object can be converted to steam which would flow in the atmosphere. Via lasers proper aim can be directed. Nuclear bombs can be targeted at a particular country using laser technology. Air planes and rockets flying in air can be burnt to naught. Not only can it be misused to kill but that earth will be rendered barren. Every animate object will be murdered and due to its intense heat material and inanimate objects will take the form of ashes.

Over and above atomic explosion that heavy energy generated till date has not been fully utilized but via laser rays it will be possible. A scientist called General Curtis E Leo harbors faith that in future cannon used against flying air planes will be merely relegated to memory. This is because lasers via their targeted aim will burn down that plane to ashes in seconds. Due to its unlimited potential to destroy, scientists call lasers DEATH RAYS.

Thus on the one hand laser rays are a boon to world beings there on the other hand its misuse will be a massive curse. It all depends how mankind uses them. In previous days man has reaped gigantic losses due to scientific prowess misused for destructive tasks and has profited very meagerly. Rationality tells us human discrimination re cogitates over its power to make decisions and thus conclude whether it wants to uplift the world or destroy it to pulp. If humanity desires to sustain its very existence then without any delay obstruct misuse of energy and instead wholesomely use it for creative purposes. Discrimination and progress can be great and beneficial when modern science under the control of the intellect walks on the path of greatness and wholesomeness.

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