Here is what she says word for word…
I did an invocation and I’ve been wanting to do this for really long time. I invoked Lucifer and it was an amazing experience. I had questions and I wanted to get to know him better and I wanted some questions answered and I also wanted to learn a new incantation when opening up the gateway to the spirit world especially when I call on the ancient gods.

To those who of you who don’t know the ancient gods are, people now refer to as demons. So I called on Lucifer and the experience like I said was absolutely amazing.

He gave me a message, it wasn’t what I expected. Obviously you can ask your questions, they will be answered if the entity feels they want to answer, but they’re going to throw in a message in between. One thing that he wanted me to know is that wisdom has always been with me. You are born with your abilities. He helped me bring out that which I already had and said “you are under my control now”

I know that can easily be taken out of context and misunderstood but what he meant by “you’re under my control now” is that he will guide me as I walk my path. He will teach me my way and I will follow him. He told me to let people know that they are gods.

The words of Lucifer: “I am still the king” “rottenness will fall away and fresh fruit will remain” “I will prune you and you will obey me” “I will guide you and you will teach my way, the way of the gods as you are all gods” “man has lied to you I am the truth and the way everything else is but lies” “seek my truth and break away from the lies that you’ve been brought up believe” “I am known as Lucifer to you but I am light, the god of light” “listen to me do not ignore me for I am now your guide and my chosen Kings will look off to you as I will”

so that is the message that he gave me during the invocation it was a really powerful experience and I have noticed since that I’ve done this invocation with Lucifer in the presence of other demons that I have made pacts with, certain abilities of mine have increased. It’s become better, for instance the psychic abilities. I’ve noticed that things are just happening faster than what it normally would.

You know spells can take up to 12 weeks, it’s happening the same day I perform it. I’ve spoken to Lucifer but as he said he will be my guide and he will guide me. These entities they stick to what they say. What they say is the truth.

Lucifer was a great teacher and many people have misconceptions about him. He is the angel of light and for the most part means good. Sometimes you must think outside traditional religion to seek deeper and true knowledge.

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