My wife and I started dating four years ago and have been married for two years. We've been together four years, that's quite a long time. In the beginning, our marriage relationship was very smooth and there were no problems. But the last year has changed dramatically, including my wife's view of threesomes. When she first brought this up to me, it was six months into our marriage, and I categorically and vehemently rejected her offer. I can't stand the thought of me pleasuring another girl while she's watching. After that, she more or less occasionally exposed the FFM threesome concept to me, but I don't want anything to change, I prefer the time of the two. I hesitated.

Recently, I have felt some changes. I think part of it may be that we're all a little tired of monogamous old-fashioned sex. She started getting fed up with it and our frequency was reduced to twice a month instead of twice a week in the past. She started watching threesome porn with me, and she would tell her threesome fantasies carefully and carefully, and I hesitated, even being turned on by her. She hurriedly seized the opportunity to make another suggestion. I was reluctant in my heart, but looking at her eager and eager eyes, I finally agreed. We decided to give it a try.

We start planning. All we did was really just signed up for a threesome dating site and create a profile on it. We found a female who was willing to look and was lovely too. I can't stand being spied on by a gay man, and my wife also thought it would be a good idea if the third only targeted women.

A date with three is more intense than a date with two. It only took ten minutes from the initial cautiousness to the proficiency. When we were done eating, my wife suggested we watch a movie. So we went to bed together and turned on the TV. In fact, before the movie started, our hearts were eager and excited, and my wife couldn't wait. Let's start with a little BDSM first. My wife flirted and made fun of the third woman to get her excited and she was very cooperative too. We started kissing and stroking each other...

The unprecedented feeling when we were done: I couldn't tell if it was gratification or further longing. They begged me to do it again. This time, I am the one who is bound. As much as I hate seeing my wife taken by another woman, I must admit it was a huge transformation. Maybe next time, maybe we will open up a new world.

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