This kind of window will be clean

It is common to have glass windows in every house. It is often seen that people clean their glass windows occasionally or only when Holi-Diwali comes. Cleaning them is a little difficult and a little risky too. If you are also cleaning your glass windows for the first time, then we have brought some easy tips for you which you can do this work easily.

This is how to clean glass windows-

1. The first point to note is that the glass should always be cleaned with paper and not with cloth. Collect all the newspapers or magazines in your house and use their pages. Whether it is chart paper or any tissue paper kept in the kitchen.

2. When you are going to clean the window windows, first of all, clean the window dust thoroughly. Because if you wash it directly with water, the dust will fall on the window.

3. If there is wet or damp dirt on your windows, it will take more time to clean it. One way to clean windows may be to wash them with hot water. Take hot water in a bucket and dip the cloth by putting surf in it and then wipe the glass with it.

4. While cleaning the window, always use a little water because more watermarks the glass. After washing the glass, wipe it with dry paper and then see how much it glows.

5. If you do not want to use water, then use Kleenex, Colin, etc.

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