Although the sugar relationship is carried out after you have negotiated with each other, there is no free lunch in the world. If you want a better life, you must redouble your efforts. Any relationship requires both parties to maintain, Sugar daddy and sugar baby are also the same. Although they have no emotional basis, why do some sugar relationships last for a long time, even they are married, and some are very short? There is the top 5 worst opinion about sugar daddy, maybe can help you.

1. All sugar daddies are older

Traditional sugar relationships are mostly older men and young girls, While average Sugar Daddy is around 45 years old, but with the economy develops, more and more young sugar daddies appear, so don't be surprised when you meet a 25-30-year-old sugar daddy. And they know how to please young girls, and weigh the pros and cons.

2. They are all for sexual needs

Unlike ordinary relationships, Most people who are about to go on a first date don't know what they want from that specific person. Sugar daddy and baby, both of them know that what they want from each other. I do not know if you believe in the platonic relationship, I think, even if there is, then there are very few in the sugar relationship. In the current situation, the epidemic is so severe that many sugar daddies and girls are looking for comfort on the dating site.

3.Luxury Lifestyle

Not all sugar daddies are generous. Although many of them are wealthy people, they are more calculating the return on investment than the extravagant gifts or large amounts of money you are given. Of course, You may also encounter a very wealthy sugar daddy that provides you with a very luxurious life,because you deserve it, so some times your actions or words will let sugar daddy directly decide whether to add cash or reduce gifts for you. Many sugar babies can only get enough money to pay for their tuition, rent, living expenses, and the rest are not many, so don't think of becoming a sugar baby, you will get rich overnight.

4. Liked You.

Sometimes sugar daddy is willing to spoil you, giving you the feeling that you are a real couple, but you should understand that there is an agreement between you and your feelings are based on a treaty, do you think that will be true? Maybe he enjoys the cuteness and passion of young girls. You also like his generosity towards you. Pampering and true love are different. So don't get lost in it.

5.Online-only Sugar Baby

Maybe during the epidemic, Some Sugar Daddies do like to meet in person, however, there are many that prefer to engage the entire relationship online only. It is also possible to send pictures and ambiguous words through video or message chat, in fact, interactions online can create a feeling of more intimacy than face to face meetups do, but when the epidemic over, I believe that people prefer the offline sugar relationship. Of course, many wealthy men are unwilling to communicate with sugar baby offline for the sake of their wives and family harmony. A relationship that remains online with no personal information exchanged is far safer than the alternative.

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