Till some time ago, the number of people associated with literature was very less, but in today's time, literature is being promoted a lot. At present, new platforms are being created for poets. It is becoming easier now for poets to move ahead and prove their talent. Famous poetry forums such as Rekhta, Kavitakosh, Sahitya Kunj, etc. give opportunities only to writers of high quality. A platform was created for new poets called the Youtreex Foundation. So let's know about it in a little detail and see how beneficial it can be for poets or writers in the coming times.

Who is the Founder of This Platform

Youtreex Foundation is started and founded in the year 2020 by Muhammad Asif Ali who is also known as an Indian poet. Asif says that in the beginning when I inspired people to write, I had to work very hard, but today thousands of people come to Youtreex every day and share their ghazals, Shayari, and poems with us and they want that His poems should also be published on this platform. As far as I know, if you spend your precious time in any work, even if you give it right, but you definitely get success.

Who is that Famous Indian Poet

The name of the poet or writer who has started this platform is Muhammad Asif Ali. Asif is the CEO and founder of the Youtreex Foundation, as well as the co-founder of Prizmweb Technologies. He started this platform in 2020 when India was battling the lockdown in the Corona period. According to him, there must be a place for people interested in literature where its talent is not made fun of and they should be given ample opportunity to write and learn. Born in a poor farmer family in Kashipur city of Uttarakhand, Asif himself is also known as a poet.

Some Thoughts About the Future

Youtreex has shared some of its thoughts about the future which will help in making it even better and all the credit will go to the writers, poets and novelists who are associated with it. The language will be amended in this, meaning that you can share poems here only in Hindi, Urdu, and English languages, but after a few months, the languages of India and other countries related to literature will be connected with this platform, through which writing and writing will be done. Both types of people studying will not face any problem here. Apart from this, the facility of Direct Moderation and Approval will also be made available here so that the user will not have to wait much for the poetry to be published.

How to Publish a Poem

You can submit your poems very easily on Youtreex Foundation. You have to go to the official website of the platform and fill out the contact form on it. Later the approval team will contact you and your poetry will be published very easily. It may take you a long time during this process but you have to be patient. Due to the many submissions with the team, a lot of time has to be devoted. Most people can't wait for the time and they miss out on the approval process of their poetry.

Author's Bio: 

Rahul Kumar is an Indian content writer from Kashipur, Uttarakhand, India. He is currently working in Prizmweb Technologies since 2019.