Here I am sitting in my office, where I spend all day talking on the phone and the computer to write about. So, unlike most people can not see my scratching my eyes and nose, and achieve Kleenex box every few minutes. You know that feeling that suddenly creeps into you! You are overflowing, so you have itchy or runny nose, and itchy and watery eyes.

Why do you have these symptoms? Allergies, of course! Maybe you're one of those people like me who suffer from pollen, dust, presence, animal dander, mold and mildew. You immune system sees these things as a threat if you are allergic to one, and your body responds accordingly!

No one really understands why it is that the human body goes all haywire over harmless things like pollen Plan, any allergies, it seems, is becoming more and more common: some studies suggest that more than 20% of adults have allergies, and that new allergic patients, the rate is increasing every year.

Well, you probably do not care much about all the other millions of allergy sufferers. You care about yourself and your suffering! Maybe you need a new plan of attack. What you can do is arm yourself with one of the newer drugs, such as modern nasal spray Astelin like. Antihistamines are no steroid nasal spray, your doctor can prescribe for you.

It provides relief from all those pesky symptoms, including itchy nose / runny nose, congestion, runny nose and sneezing due to environmental irritants or seasonal allergies. You will notice, said that "without steroids?" This is an important thing. Many people treat their allergy symptoms with some kind of steroid-based medicine.

Steroids are very common nasal sprays. The thing to remember about steroids how they work: a steroid, mainly to suppress one of your body's natural reaction, which is inflammation. They provide assistance to reduce or eliminate your eyes and nose delicate tissue swelling. Just remember that the excessive use of steroids can leave your body in a weakened state, less able to defend themselves against real threats such as diseases and injuries. Therefore, steroids should never be used more than the recommended dose and should not be used for a long time.

Unlike steroid sprays, not as a prescription steroid spray Astelin can reduce nasal symptoms, because it blocks the action of histamine, which is a major cause of allergy symptoms effects. This implies that steroid sprays: steroids to try to dampen your body's inflammatory response to allergic reactions as an antihistamine trying to prevent an allergic reaction in the first place. When you are considering treatment options, please keep this in mind, but compared to some kind of antihistamine and steroid treatment.

How Astelin is currently the only antihistamine nasal spray that require a prescription, it was approved to treat your nasal symptoms, whether they are caused by environmental irritants or seasonal allergies. That is, that a lot of drugs are approved to treat outdoor allergies such as hay fever, while others claim to treat allergies, things like perfume, but this is the only spray approved by both types of allergies.

What is a nasal spray instead of pills benefits? Spray, medicine delivered directly to the area that is most needed, which is inside the nose. Oral medications, or prescription or over-the-counter medications, it takes time to travel through the body and make your way to your nose area. By the time these drugs make through your blood, who knows how effective the drug is actually delivered your poor suffering from nasal tissue?

As I mentioned earlier, Astelin is an antihistamine. Your allergy symptoms are the leading cause of histamine, the chemical that your body releases, signaling that a defensive response. Antihistamines can reduce your symptoms, because it effectively blocks the histamine was released, or absorb it before it can do much damage. Astelin is also, incidentally, only prescription antihistamine approved to treat congestion.

You see, a lot of antihistamines on the market today are used in combination with pseudoephedrine, which is a decongestant. Astelin not contain pseudoephedrine, but has its own natural decongestant effects built-in. Why does that matter? Some people who use pseudoephedrine have feelings of restlessness or feeling can be hard to fall asleep.

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