Who wouldn’t want to visit the land of picture-perfect landscapes, dream-like grasslands and meadows, and ornate architecture? Magnificent villages to the fastest-growing cities, from the best operas in the town to the most flavourful desserts, are enough to take you on an unforgettable journey of Austria. Apart from the picturesque view, the land is highly famous for its people, like Adolf Hitler, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Nikola Tesla, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and above all how can we forget the most famous Empress Elisabeth of Austria, popularly known as Queen Sisi. No wonder people worldwide want to visit the country and experience history with their own eyes. But before making your itinerary, do remember to make Frontier Airlines reservations at a lower rate.

Vienna - City of Baroque Architecture
Vienna is steeped in culture and architecture from stunning churches, palaces, museums, to royal buildings. Do not forget to visit the beautiful Hofburg Imperial Palace and Ringstrasse Boulevard to let the magic get on to you. St.Stephen’s Church and Schonbrunn & Belvedere Palaces are marvelous places to visit while in Vienna. Coffee-over tourists should have a sip or two before you bid adieu to the city of art, culture, and architecture. Do not forget to attend Mozart concerts!

Salzburg - Epitome of art, culture, and beauty
Lovers of art and music cannot miss mentioning Salzburg in their itinerary. For tourists who have always been obsessed with Mozart, they cannot miss visiting Mozart's famous residence while crossing the rolling green meadows and ornate historical buildings. To enjoy some old town vibe, do visit Aldsten, UNESCO world heritage site. The town loves to celebrate life!
While the Hohensalzburg fortress boasts of being the last preserved Europe’s fortress that showcases extravagant beauty, The Salzburg Festspiele is an experience of a lifetime, and a stroll in Salzburg gardens reminds you of the days gone by the memories collected, and places you visited.

Innsbruck - Instagram-worthy Town

Innsbruck is a town that is mainly known for its modern and imperial architecture. The surrounding idyllic alpine trees on high mountains make the trip worthwhile for you. The city is compact, scenic, and easy to visit. Tourists who are fitting Innsbruck in their jam-packed itinerary should go for a memorable train ride, visit the markets relishing the colorful streets, and if you are a fanatic for activities like skiing, biking, and hangliding this place belongs to you. What can be better than enjoying a diverse cuisine while listening to Innsburck’s authentic music, sitting in a cafe admiring a scenic view?

People who love to travel should visit a country like Austria. The country intoxicates you with its scenic view, snow-covered mountains, and baroque art and culture, which is impossible to find anywhere in the world. So What are you waiting for, add these places to your itinerary, make American Airlines reservations, and leave for a journey to remember?

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