“Thirty-Seconds to Control Yourself & Influence Others.”
• 1. Me: “Want power over others who try to control you?”

• 2. You: “Not particularly. I’m Ok with how I am.”

• 3. Me: “Self-Control is important because you are being hit-on all day at home, at work & by the media. They want to influence you to be a good Robot, an obedient Cyborg.

• How? Do what they say, buy what they advertise, pay higher taxes to the government. The Power Brokers want you to love what they say, and hate their identified enemies.”

• 4. You: “Stop. I’m a happy camper so leave me alone. And what does control have to do with SpeedReading101.org anyway. I hate philosophy & theory. I need skills & know-how.”

• 5. Me: “A study dated, 11.02.13 by Prof. Rimma Teper, University of Toronto, Scarborough offers scientific proof
either you control your “thoughts & emotions, or you become their “Wooden-Soldier”. Do you want to be a Drone?”

• 6. You: “What I want is to go-my-own-way, run my own life, huh?”

• 7. Me: “Would you go to the Beach in August without Suntan lotion? Drive across town without knowing how much GAS in your tank?”

• 8. You: “Alright, what’s their take-away on improving my self-control?”

• 9. Me: “Fact: this research appears November, 2013 in the Journal Emotion. That means it has been peer- reviewed and is scientifically on-the-money. Got Proof.”

• Normal folks are affected by Positive Feedback From Others. See, they influence you. That means you ignore “immediate rewards” and are LESS Impulsive.”

• 10. You: “Getting warmer, I train my kids to not act on Impulse, but stop & analyze. But I don’t want to dominate others, and they can’t push me around.”

• 11. Me: “the UT research shows: “Mindful people have a skill of letting their feelings-and-thoughts go without judgments. I’ll explain what makes you Mindful, it’s easy and important. And you don’t trigger anger & rage easily.”

• 12. You: “That sounds useful, if it’s not too much work.”

• 13. Me: “Mindfulness” is paying attention, awareness in-the-present-moment, to your breathing in a simple meditation exercise. Takes less than one-minute. Why? If you learn to accept your own Emotions, you’re in control of your Mind & feelings.

• Example: Casino Gamblers show brains that are Impulsive and in denial. They react to immediate rewards by betting more until they bust out. It’s a form of Chronic Stress. Their judgment is impaired by their feelings.”

• 14. You: “Got it. Give me the steps to self-control. This works for students taking exams, going for an interview, and making a presentation too right? It’s just Consciousness.”

• 15. Me: “Smart. It’s not a One-Trick-Pony. Use it to ACE school, win work-promotions, & relationships.

• It’s baby-easy, so don’t laugh it off because it’s “Common-Sense.”

• 16. You: “Start”

• 17. Me: “Keep it simple, 1-2-3. Sit down, feet flat, & close your eyes. Deep relaxation is the first step. Now to relax your Mind-Body-Connection, Diaphragmatically Breathe for 30-seconds.”

• 18. You: “How?”

• 19. Me: “Step-one. Hand on your Belly Button and deep breath. A diaphragmatic-breath, and feel the movement of your stomach. Now exhale and HUM the following 4x:

• Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, & Hum-m four-times. Another three Diaphragmatic breaths, with four Hums each. Total of 16-Hum-ms and you are in ALPHA brainwave relaxation.”

• 20. You: “That’s easy enough, and it does relax me. Am I hypnotized yet?”

• 21. Me: “It’s auto-suggestion”, your Executive brain giving suggestions to your mind-body connection.

• Step – two: Place a S-M-I-L-E intentionally on your face for the length of this exercise. It doubles your memory & learning skills. Smiling is showing your teeth & squinting your eyes. Why? Activates Peripheral Vision & relaxing.”

• 22. You: “Eyes opened or closed?”

• 23. Me: “Closed eyes puts you mind into Alpha brainwaves and deep relaxation.

• Last, Step-three: daydream (mental visualization) a past experience where you triumphed. It’s called a Historical-Success. Getting a Diploma, a birthday party, or your first date.

• Summation: Inhale through your nose, exhale from your mouth. Hum-m aloud as you exhale. Now Smile eyes & mouth, and see mentally & feel how you felt in a past successful experience.”

• 24. You: “And the whole thing is about one-minute? I can do that. The end result is not reacting to my emotion of the moment, and more self-control. How long does It last?”

• 25. Me: “Four-hours, and you can do it again as required.
You see the Big-Picture, the CONTEXT of the situation by this one-minute exercise. Good Return on Investment – ROI.”

a) “The faster you learn, the more your EARN.”
b) “You SNOOZE, you lose.”
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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