It is true—feet show vital things about you! Feet reflect our being, lifestyles, stressors…and yes, even our attitudes. So how can that be? How can feet reveal so much? Stay tuned for discovery—you may be surprised. In the next few minutes we’ll explore some significant ways feet reflect our bearing and being…things you will not find in the typical ‘shoebox’.


As with crucial balance in nature, feet require fine-tuned equilibrium. (If the Earth were any closer to the Sun, we would bake—if it was any farther away, we would freeze.) We impact our feet in the way we sit, stand, walk, run, and drive; and yes, even when we sleep.

How posture affects our feet is amazing! Our modern day patterns of sitting hunched over during long commutes, working at computers, watching TV, etc., create rounded shoulders with ‘caved-in’ chests, and forward head.

In our rush to get to the next appointment we often walk with head jutted forward. The human head’s average weight range is 8-12 pounds. Forgive the crude analogy—a bowling ball’s average weight range is 8-16 pounds. Every inch our head is forward (out of neutral alignment) DOUBLES its weight impact. For example, a 10 pound head too far forward by 1 inch, puts a hanging forward weight of 20 pounds on the body—greater than the weight of a bowling ball! The effects travel down the kinetic chain—creating hurting hunched backs, crunched knees/ankles, and unhappy soles to tensed up toes. This state can create unhappy souls! What an apt segue to the effects of emotions on posture…


Emotional states affect our posture. If we are sad, tired, or depressed the head bows forward, our heart feels crushed and we hunker down for protection from further stressors. Though we need to allow this response at times, it is vital we lift the head and open up the caved-in chest once again when safe. You may be surprised at what a simple postural change will do to bring balance that translates from head to toe. Sunshine is drawn to open hearts.


Patterns are often subtle and morph into postures of which we are unaware.

Here’s a simple way to check your head alignment: put one forefinger on the highest part of your cheekbone (just below your eye) and the other on your collarbone—you should be able to draw a straight line between your forefingers. (Looking side-view in a mirror may help). See if your top forefinger is forward of the bottom one. If so, realignment will help everything from aching backs to aching feet.

How to bring balance? Open up caved-in shoulders, and tuck in the chin—this helps align ears to shoulders and sends benefits all the way down to the feet. Sitting at your desk on an exercise ball or balance disk will encourage the core muscles to contract and help maintain optimal posture. Another vital benefit—you will also breathe with more freedom.

When driving, sense how your feet feel. Are they relaxed? If your calf or ankle is tense from pressing down on the gas pedal, when safe, lift your foot and do some ankle circles. Use less ankle extension when pressing the gas pedal—if comfortable initiate the movement more from the hip, keeping a straighter leg.

Before going to sleep notice your feet. Are those tootsies comfy? When lying on your back, make sure the covers are not weighing down the tops of your feet forcing ankle extension. If lying stomach down, (which is not the best sleeping position) you can bolster your ankles (a rolled up towel works). Keep your feet in neutral position and they can relax to facilitate great sleep.

Next time your feet tweet any displeasure, look ‘outside the shoebox’ and see what you discover…relief may be found in simple, and surprising ways. Your happy feet will foster a happier you.

Author's Bio: 

Linda Dunn, Integrative Health Therapist, is passionate about feet. Her specialty foot training in Reflexology began at the highly esteemed McKinnon Institute in 2004. Linda witnessed firsthand the common abuse feet suffer in her personal training background—this inspired her to become a devoted advocate of humane treatment for feet. She marvels at how feet affect our entire being and offers simple, yet powerful methods for renewed feet and nails.

Linda’s passion for feet remains after expanded education and certifications--from Acupressure Institute, National Alliance for Emotional Health (EFT), and over 1,000 hours of clients and clinic applications. After state licensing in 2012 through World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts, she continues to champion feet. You are invited to enjoy some great, free sample ‘treats for feet’ at Email: If you are interested in a local, hands-on workshop, call 925-706-2453 or 888-348-0386.